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    Since you're on tour, I'm guessing that shipping is out of the question. Do you even have soldering gear with you? Big props if you do :)

    Personally, what I'd do is try to get a (copper) paper clip and cut/bend it in a suitable shape and solder it to the existing holder.

    One thing you must not do under any circumstance is solder a wire to the battery directly - heating up the battery with a soldering iron is likely to make it explode. You may already have known that but I figured I'd mention it just in case.

    Do you have another power supply you can run the Virus with? Anything ranging from 9 to 12V will work as long as it can provide 1A of current. 9V actually would be better because there's a voltage regulator inside the Virus that becomes very hot when supplied with 12V.

    I don't recommend doing it yourself if you're not an experienced solderer. If you do indeed want to replace the DSP, I'd recommend carefully removing the PCB from the Virus and giving the board and the replacement DSP to someone who has proper equipment - like a laptop repair shop or if you can't find one, a phone repair shop.

    > i dont understand

    No one does. Christoph Kemper sucks at running Access, sad to say. I wish he'd let someone take over who actually cares about the Virus and/or knows how to communicate with the hundreds of customers that STILL to this day hope to be able to spend money on an updated Virus DESPITE all the crap that management has pulled over the years. THAT is how strong a legacy the Virus has created.

    And Mr. Kemper throws it all under the bus for no fucking reason. It's mind blowing more than anything.

    > Today the virus decided for whatever reason to reset all values, that were entered in the "config" section.

    Sounds like the battery needs replacement, the configuration values are stored in battery-backed RAM just like the RAM presets. I'd copy those off the Virus if you haven't already.

    As for the manual - not sure why Access decided to omit this from the TI2 reference manual but the TI1 manual is one document that covers everything. Check on page 160 for the knob settings.

    Edit: Ah, my bad, somehow I thought you were asking about the knobs. Indeed, I can't find "value wrap" in the TI1 manual either. I'd say is accurate.

    "Because with my upgrading my Avid Omni HD interface to an HDX core card, the Virus unit is now useless to my studio."

    Blame Avid for not making the products compatible. Can't expect Access to invest development effort just to supply one niche plugin standard that really only one vendor supports. VST is a standard for a reason, I'd ask Avid why they don't support it.

    "This is not fair and it is Petty"

    You're right. But I think you're the petty one here because you just invested serious money into Avid just to find out that they're not playing nice with industry standards. Don't blame Access for this.

    What you experience seems to not be a widespread issue - at least none with a known solution that I could find. also didn't show any other case like yours as far as I can tell.

    The power supply voltage is not so critical, anything between 9 and 12V will do if it can deliver more than 1A and has the correct plug polarity.

    You could of course always send a mail to Access support, they're generally helpful. If you say you want to try fixing it yourself, they may be able to give a pointer on where to look more closely.

    Also, just trying to use my Ti for the first time in a fair while, and the thing just stutters and faults when sending any fast pattern to it and in unison mode with anything more than 3 voices. Not using Ti vst here, using just midi out.

    Comparing it to my JP-8080 which is perfectly in sync and in time every single time without fail.

    The Virus is okay when not in unison mode, but as soon as it goes into unison and has anything like 16th's sent to it at much above 105BPM and unison 4 and above. Now i remember why i gave up with it

    Could it be that you're running into the same issue detailed here? Downgrading TI to OS 3.3.4 fixes MIDI timing!

    He's deleted his account by the look of it. If you go to Members, then Search Members, type jke and nothing comes up.

    Why search for jke when…ist/13995-mysteryislands/ exists? He posted from that account just this year, so I see no reason to believe that he stopped supporting or working on his products. Maybe he is burnt out and needs a break? Who knows. I appreciate his efforts either way and hope things will become better again.

    Marc Schlaile still works for Access Music but he stopped posting here in 2019:…hp?user-post-list/6-marc/

    Their Facebook and Twitter profiles are abandoned in virtually the same way. That is a very bad look for Access, sad to say. I wish it were different but it's obvious that the management decided to avoid their customers instead of being open and transparent. In that sense we can be grateful that they keep this forum up.

    That's the Mystery Islands plugin that a whole lot of people here use. As for audacity:

    > Audacity can load VST effects (but not VST instruments) on all operating systems.

    In other words it's not a full-fledged VST host so no, it won't work. The Mystery Islands editor also runs as a standalong program, though, so audacity is not needed.

    I don't think it's an issue with the Flash, so doing a factory reset, firmware update or clearing preset banks most likely won't change anything. I'd suspect it to be an issue with either the voltage regulation, faulty memory or the DSP itself.…ot-t20997-30.html#p143872 is an example of memory failing in a Clavia Nord Lead 3 which uses the same DSP architecture, so such a failure mode isn't entirely unthinkable.

    Swapping the memory ICs out for replacement is also quite doable for someone with a hot air gun and some SMD experience - like a good phone repair shop.…_11061601_1106213807.html shows the PCB - the voltage regulators on the left, the three RAM ICs between the voltage regulator and the DSP.

    One of the voltage regulators is a switching voltage regulator which can wear out the capacitors that are part of that circuit. Replacing these would be my first course of action (like here: https://erichizdepski.wordpres…17/access-virus-b-repair/ ). My second course of action would be to replace the 7805 voltage regulator with the heat sink - who knows what wear it suffered from the heat and it's cheap anyway. If the problem persists, I'd replace the three RAM ICs. Then the DSP or the audio codecs, depending on what's cheaper to obtain.

    One can of course send it also to a synth repair shop but who knows what they'll charge.