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    just going through the rom banks that came with the synth, and then will go through the banks of sounds from the access website. after that I will be looking for cinematic, atmospheric, pads and the like. not any EDM, fx ,etc. type of sounds. would love a list of places that I can purchase additional libraries. thank you.

    I just purchase a demo access virus ti2 61 key keyboard. I downloaded the manual that contains the ROM pages. the ROM sets in the synth are different than the printed pages. I didn't know that you can change the ROM since they are only read only and not RAM, which can be changed. what I would like to do now is go through these banks in the synth and save the ones that I like, then load the original ROMS into the keyboard, by a factory reset that I am assuming can be done. would really need help in getting this done, please and thank you.

    about 2-weeks ago I purchased a virus ti2 61 note keyboard. I printed out the user manual including the ROM sheets. the ROM pages I printed out do not match what is on my keyboard. help.