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    I have been using the mod matrix to send %1 constant to OSC pitch and controlling that with ENV 3/4

    Slot - 1
    Source - Envelope 3
    Destination - Slot-2 Amount 1

    Slot - 2
    Source - 1% constant
    Destination - OSC 1 pitch

    With this setup you can recreate the sound of real world plucked string instruments etc

    Eg a sharp decay will sound like a harp

    Now if you increase the decay it sounds like plucking harder.

    Mapping ENV 3/4 to velocity in the fixed velocity page would free up the mod matrix a fair bit.

    Even having one of the envelopes able to rout to pitch via 1% constant as a dedicated pitch envelope would make the Virus TI sonically far more expressive without all these long routing chains.

    Personally I would love to see this idea implemented. Out of all the possible improvements suggested this is by far and away the best on this forum IMHO. Particularly if you are into using hardware sequencing for the timing stability. (ala MPC) I would use this way of working about 90% of the time just due to the timing improvements. being able to control the virus in the DAW but audio and midi direct would make the whole virus experience so much tighter and quicker to work with. Currently it is the last synth i load into the mix because of how sloppy it makes everything. Sounds great coming out of my prism converters but I would be more happy with running direct audio into all my valve gear etc (much better than plugins). Mostly I have been using the virus ti stand alone anyway just because it is so much tighter feeling when i write music.

    Its still my favorite digital synth tho.