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    Yeah, I've had this a few times.

    Press config, press parameter > (up) or < (down) untill it says keyboard after the bolder edit config text, the top left of the virus display. You want page 2/5. it will say transpose under edit config. this will say +1 instead of 0.

    I'm not getting this right..

    If I use the matrix to change a parameter when i physicly look at the knob setting in VC I have no idea where it is now set. On the hardware to have knobs that move would be very expensive (nord have the solution) but on the sofware there is no reason for the knobs to not show the current position it's actualy at. I don't understand why they don't move to show there current setting wether they changed via controller change Data (like they do) or via data to change via the matrix.

    unless your saying that the matrix takes it from a variation of where its currently set rather than just a full sweep of the pot. Then you would need 2 pointers for each knob, Current setting and matrix modified to here. That would be overkill I think. If it is just a full sweep of the pot then I would like to see the knobs move so I know where they are at after I've used the matrix to link them.

    For so long I've been due a new build. Access holding back on the 64 bit was always my excuse to put it off. Especialy been that if they never I wouldn't bother. Hopefuly by then a newer new cubase will be out so I will skip a release, saving a fortune.

    What I want to know is what improvements would i feel running in 64 bit, virus compatable and cubase too.

    I think though that some want this 64 bit so bad they would pay, happily pay.

    I might not have it right then, just starting to use it.

    Just as an example, if i wanted to set my modulation wheel to adjust the filter cut off and reverb send, as i increase the modulation wheel I would like to see the filter cut off move. I use cubase but have just been shown FL and quite like how you link parameters to each other, adding a number,+,-,/ etc to control the ratio it will effect the other parameter. it's really cool that you see all these parameters moving.

    I believed that this is what the matrix was. a controll to link lots of controls for great effect. I can't understand if i'm increase the filter cut off through the matrix why the filter cut off VC display doesn't actualy change.