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    Kemper needs to hire Maarten and the Aura team to update Virus software and next gen synthesizers! Is there a way to connect the Virus Touch software to an ipad and also have MIDI split to run to an external hardware sequencer like the Hapax that uses MIDI? I would love to be able to use the app and also an external MIDI hardware sequencer to go DAWless for live performance.

    You need to use the Virus Control software on Windows 10 or an older Mac OS X version before Catalina to burn them to the empty ROM banks. Another way is to use the Virus TI plugin to load into RAM banks and that also runs on Windows 10 PC or earlier OS version of Mac OS X before Catalina.

    Right now I am testing load MIDI sound packs with the ipad Touch software that a third party developer wrote to make life easier on the Virus. I just got it setup to work with my new Virus TI2 and ipad to change settings and patches on the Virus from my ipad but need to figure out how to load presets from ipad with the app.

    Finally got my ipad touch app to work with my new Virus TI2

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    Direct connect from Yamaha UX 16 USB to MIDI on the Virus TI2 and then to camera adapter to ipad. Works great! Way easier to control my new Virus synth now than menu diving through the archaic screen of the Virus itself. Now to see how I can split the MIDI so I can run Hapax sequencer at same time if that is even possible?

    I had mixed results running it on El Capitan and High Sierra even though Kemper Access Music states that these are supported versions of the macos. It works on Windows 10 but does hang in the DAW quite a bit. I bought the Mystery Islands software and will see if I have better results as I’d like to make use of the expensive new M1 MacBook Pro with more power and use the latest version of Logic Pro to take advantage of Atmos Dolby in my Virus recordings.

    For me the power of the TI software is with loading, changing and managing presets in the many banks of the Virus and selecting these. Also the mod matrix has hundreds of choices and scrolling one at a time in the UI of the hardware is painful at best. So yeah the TI software when working is very useful!

    I am a new Virus TI2 Darkstar Polar keyboard owner and bought mine brand new from Sweetwater. Great sounding synth with tons of power even in 2022 with all the fancy new gear from competitors. Some tips I learned

    1. Mac OS users- find old computer with 8-16GB RAM and load older version of Mac OS X from USB boot drive. I like High Sierra and it works with the Virus TI software.

    2. Join the Virus TI Facebook group

    3. Be patient and have fun learning it. Very powerful complex synth with many sound crafting options.

    4. Buy a good sequencer! I have a Squarp Hapax on the way.

    Hopefully Access Music and Kemper hire some bright new developers to update the driver software for newer Mac OS X computers! I ended up having to return a brand new Macbook Pro that won't work on Virus due to incompatible newer versions. Spent great deal of my weekend playing Mac OS system administrator to downgrade the Mac OS X on two very old macbooks to use El Capitan and High Sierra so I can run the Virus TI software and Logic X. Also have to use a much older version for Logic X (10.3.3 and 10.4.3!!!!) to create and record stuff from the new Virus ti2 keyboard that I just bought. So yeah I am willing to contribute!!!!

    So would the Yamaha usb to MIDI device work with the Hapax and the Virus? I have a Yamaha USB to MIDI audio device on the way to use with my ipad app for Virus control as an option to manage and change presets and Virus settings without a computer that a brilliant developer created.

    I have a new Squarp Hapax arriving soon and want to sequence multiple parts from the Virus TI2 without using a computer or the TI software. Like load drum patches to parts 1-6 on the virus and leads pads on parts 7-12 and create sequences for each on the Hapax. I’m new to the Virus world as mine just came the other day and based on how painful doing this in the DAW with the TI software, I want to avoid using the computer. Output will be sent to a Zoom mixer recorder.

    Hi all,

    Have wanted a Virus synth for many years and bought one recently. Really having fun with it aside from getting the Virus TI software to work over USB in Mac OS X and Windows 10.

    Once I leave that aside and use a sequencer via MIDI and jam on the Virus, it comes alive and very fun instrument and has unique amazing raw sounds very different than other synthesizers in my studio like Moog and my analog modular synths. Anyways looking for synth nerds like myself in northern California say hello!