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    Guys (some of you), you are missing the point: Audio over USB, Total Integration.

    The MIDI cable + constantly recording every piece over Audio method... is not a solution, that is going back in time.

    Yes you are right, it's a great concept, but as you can see it's also a very vulnerable concept. I think people need to realize that such a concept requires technologies from lot's of companies. In fact Access didn't change anything here, it's Apple who we should blame because they lack "backwards compatibility". In Windows everything works fine because Microsoft does this jobs better. So every time when Apple is changing things, they expect that other companies put their time and effort in fixing things, that's not right. I know it doesn't help anyone here, but for me it's also a sign that this total integration is maybe not such a great concept on the long run. No other synth company did this as far as I know, and perhaps for a good reason...

    And I also agree with ChrisCabbage, I also experienced lot's of problems with audio over USB. Lags, and especially with the Arp sometimes notes where "hanging". I switched lot's of times just to audio to have zero latency, works much better :).

    I just bought a Mac, coming from windows for my music production and just find out that the virus TI is not compatible with Big Sur. I was really happy with my Mac and the fact that it's made for music made me buying it, but I kinda regret it now when I read this. On windows I had no problem with it.

    Although I understand that a company can't support something forever. This is the pitfall of integration, they are relying on third parties (for instance Apple) who are changing things constantly, so they need to update their integration part (drivers) too when another party is changing theirs. And for a company it's just a commercial decision. I have my virus TI since oct 2005, and used it for so many years with absolute joy.

    But I guess without the total integration part, I will just use it as a hardware synth, which is ok, but I am afraid I won't use it as much anymore, since the TI is just really convenient. Luckily these days there are very good soft synths available which can really compete with the virus power. For instance Omnisphere emulates lot's of hardware synths, including the virus TI.

    But I still have a question about the midi over USB. I guess this is also not working with Mac OS Big Sur? So I really need to dig out my midi cables for this?