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    I'm sure many of us out there would love to have this! I don't want to have to launch cubase just to use the Virus control and I don't want to install some hokey free DAW software (VSTi Host) just to run the virus control.

    I need to be able to search my presets!


    I'm not sure if this is the kind of solution some of you are looking for but there are some VST host programs out there that will allow you to run VST instruments and effects without the full-fledged DAW.
    I did a little bit of searching and I came across these. I don't have the need for these applications yet but eventually if I ever get a chance to perform live I would like to try them out for VC.

    The programs may or may not work with VC. Maybe someone would like to be the guinea pig?

    Ahh you lucky punk! I have a TI|2 Polar but I still want a Snow so I can use it as a dedicated Atomizer for my DAW.... you know, since Cubase can't sidechain VST instruments... :cursing:

    Is there a keyboard shortcut for Virus Control to reset a parameter to zero? For example in Ableton if you select any knob or slider and you press the Delete key, that parameter will reset to default.

    set up the "QUICK CONTROLS"in cubase and all your controls for the virus and any other soft synth are displayed in the track functions on the left hand side

    Thanks for the suggestion woodster. I am trying to do this now in cubase but I'm hitting another dead end. My first mission is to setup a nice Noise channel. So I want to put into quick controls "Filter1 Cutoff" (no problem) and "Noise Color". I do not see "Noise Color" in the list, just a $h1t load of (unmapped). I went into Virus Control to add the automation for this parameter but after that I am still not seeing "Noise Color" as an option in Quick Controls... Help?

    On a related note with Noise. I wanted to setup a soft knob to control both "Filter1 Cutoff" and "Noise Color". I find that both parameters going from 0 to 127 together give a nice beefy noise sweep. I was trying to map this out in VC but I'm not getting the same effect as when I control both knobs by hand. Here is what I'm doing. Any suggestions?

    [Blocked Image:…5001896819_a758e1c059.jpg]
    [Blocked Image:…5002501458_7c7683a6b4.jpg]

    Hey everyone,
    For the longest time I've been using Cubase with only midi tracks. I've never really explored the Instrument Track feature but just recently I did some searching and I came across this thread:
    Cubase Thread: Midi Track vs. Instrument Track

    They posted this vid:

    I've always struggled with Cubase's automation and editing but now it looks like if I were to use an instrument track a lot of my problems will be solved. Only problem is, the instrument track is really only good for VSTs with one audio channel output. So basically if you're planning on adding USB 2 and USB 3 outputs for the Virus control, don't plan on loading Virus TI (USB) into an instrument track. I think this is unfortunate because the Virus TI is my main instrument for my productions and I would like to use a lot of automation but I tend to limit my use of automation to avoid the mess of automation lines at the bottom of the arrangement page :cursing: . The lines just keep adding up, especially since I usualy use 6-8 Virus channels.

    The same goes for Native Instruments Battery 3. If you want to have an audio channel for each sample then you need to use Midi Track. For VST instruments like Quantum Leap or Minimonsta I would try out Instrument Tracks.

    Does anyone else struggle with the same problem?