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    Hi all,

    I'm having a heck of a time deciding between the desktop module versus 61-key TI2. Advice welcome!

    Because of the price differential between the module and 61-key, I'm thinking I could get the module and spend the difference on a 61-key controller or second synth. I have a weighted 88 I practice classical on (much to the neighbors' chagrin), and some 37-key synths I find less than useful, so either the Virus or a controller/second synth would likely become my main board.

    Desktop Module (+ controller/synth #2):

    • I've been considering the Yamaha CK61 and tried it out a couple times in store. The keys are very quiet and feel good to play, especially compared to what else was on display (including some used workstations). I found it REALLY easy and fun to mangle its sounds in a way I'm not quite sure Yamaha intended for something billed as a stage piano, and hadn't realized I spent an hour doing that until I got my phone out. Oops. Sorry, salespeople...
      • HOWEVER...the CK does NOT have or receive aftertouch.
    • Is it possible to route TI2 aftertouch to something like a mod wheel or pedal?
    • What 61+ key controller or synth alternatives in that price range (800-1000 ish or less) with good keybeds might I be missing?
      • I hate spongey/springy keys (Microbrute, some cheaper controllers, etc.).

    61-Key Version:

    • One instrument simplifies things, this one has pedal inputs, and that big open spot on the panel would be great to plop my MPC on for sequencing.
    • Keys have aftertouch, so I wouldn't be missing out on that.
    • I've heard the keybed's great but have never encountered one in person.
      • Does anything else use this keybed?
      • Does anyone with it have opinions on the CK's keys or other keybeds out there right now?

    General Virus Questions:

    • Do those of you with the Virus use aftertouch often, or is this something I'm overthinking and don't really need?
    • Are there good Virus piano patches out there by chance?


    (Apologies if I placed this in the wrong forum category - mods, feel free to move it if so.)

    UPDATE - It wasn't getting any better, and support recommended sending it to their repair center in Colorado. Any time I unplugged it, the RAM was wiped. Reverb agreed the item was not in the condition advertised, so I was able to send it back to the seller.

    Now I'm trying to decide on a desktop module, or if I want to splurge on a Polar/Darkstar or 61-key...


    The keyboard connection is perfectly normal and that's the way the cable is mounted in the factory.

    Thanks; I was wondering because the black piece on the side looks like it's snapped off at some point and isn't smooth (kind of hard to see in the picture).


    Think of it as a kind of glue to keep the aftertouch strip in place.

    In this case it was black mold-like spots on the inside of the back metal panel unconnected to any circuitry.


    Did you use a new battery? Why is the battery held in place with electrical tape?

    Yes; some threads I've come across suggested trying a new battery. Since I don't know how old the unit is, it seemed reasonable to try. The holder snapped off when I tried removing the old one. The tape I used wasn't secure. Yesterday I glued the holder back on and secured the battery with a zip tie as well (some wiring inside was already secured with zip ties when I first opened it up).


    A new power supply can be had for relatively cheap, so if the issue bothers you it could be a good investment.

    Would I just contact support for parts? I was thinking of getting a new screen cover for the control panel; the one it has is pretty scratched up.

    Hi all,

    Just got a secondhand Virus TI Polar. It's um...not quite in the condition advertised, and I have some questions.

    I disassembled it to repair a really loose pitch/mod wheel housing (and have easier access to the keys so I could clean them). I found some twisted connector cables, and a keyboard connection looks pretty sketch to me (both shown in the pictures), Is this normal? Also found what looked like mold inside part of the machine...

    Once I'd gotten everything cleaned and tightened back up, I turned it on...and it got stuck on the welcome screen. Holding the Arp Edit button when turning it on didn't fix it. I opened it back up to replace the motherboard battery - which also didn't fix it (the battery is held in place with electrical tape now - if that comes loose, will I lose any user data?). I connected it to the PC and attempted to use the Virus Control Center to update it, which didn't fix it either...until I unplugged the power cable and plugged it back in (again). It seems to be working normally now - and I eventually got it to communicate with Studio One, but the welcome screen freeze concerns me, and it seems like posts about that problem show up from time to time. Is that something to worry about? Is there a known cause/permanent fix if it continues?

    Is there a way to verify this is a TI2 versus a TI? [EDIT: thank you for the reply on this question!].