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    Chan Pressure = Aftertouch. Use this to tweak a parameter with your keyboard expression.
    Expression = Keyboard Expression Pedal. Us this to control a parameter with your foot.
    Key Follow = Keyboard Range Control. Depending on how the amount you feed, this will allow the low notes on your keyboard to send a low amount and the high noted to send a high amount or visa versa depending on how you set the modulation amount. I.E. Positive or negative.
    I hop this helps.

    I own the TI1 Keyboard. I once used the Snow and it felt like I was missing an arm. If your workflow is very hands on, don't buy the Snow, but if you are exclusive to using your mouse and a Midi Keyboard...the Snow is awesome.

    Okay, that's what I needed to know. Let's start from the beginning. I'm going to give you some startup instructions to get you up and running pal.

    1. Start a new Ableton project with only 2 Midi Channels.
    2. Drag the Virus Control into channel 1 and rename it VC.
    3. Rename your 2nd Midi channel Virus 1.
    4. Route Virus 1 to control VC through Midi, but it MUST control channel 1 ONLY.
    5. By default VC should be routed to master out, so if you Record Arm Virus 1 you should hear VC playing audio AND see the VU meter moving.

    Did this help you out at all?

    Supernovas are sick. I love them, but I prefer the Virus for it's darker and edger tone. The arp on the Virus can be edited in VC of course and with the newer Arp to Matrix setting, I don't think that the Virus is lacking in that department. All the Trance, Hardcore and Hardstyle users of the Virus love that you can actually have dual oscillators that are stacked and detuned with 9 Hypersaws per patch.

    Woah let's not get carried away here lol. Almost sounds like you've never owned a moog or one of the key vintage analogs!

    Bro, people that talk crap on a Virus for not being able to make pure analog tones are in my opinion the same people that might forget that when I rock a sold out party nobody in the audience cares because it is all about setting well in the mix. And yes you can make some amazing sounding analog sounds. Just use vintage 2 as your analog boost in your patch. As a matter of fact add that sub oscillator and ring modulator with the analog 4 pole filter and record it beside a moog. I have played plenty of Moogs, and they are badass. My point was that the if you only have 3000 dollars and you go buy a REAL synth and that synth is not a Virus TI, it will feel like the girl that got away. Omnisphere is a very good synth, but I feel like people buy software synths because they don't have the willpower to save up enough money to buy hardware and they talk up how sick it is to feel better about it. I use softsynths too, but they rarely cut it for me in terms of "the complete package".

    Good point Ace. Even if you take out the fact that the TI uses TI, the Virus TI is still, in my opinion, the best synth on the market. You guys know it's power. Before you sell your Virus, consider these points.

    The Virus TI...
    ...has one of the most complex and powerful mod matrixes of any synth.
    ...has powerful Hypersaws and Wavetables. a truly polyphonic and multi-timbral synth.
    ...has the most options and powerful effects section of any synth.
    ...has amazing mutlimode dual filters with analog emulation.
    ...can create almost any analog and virtual analog sound, including emulating classic synths.

    So let me break this down for you. If you sell your Virus, and you want something equal or more powerful...get ready to dish out the cash, and I mean A LOT OF CASH. You will need as many synths as parts you want. You will need a separate high powered rack mount Lexicon style reverb for EVERY part. You will need a total stompbox pedal rig for EVERY synth. Which includes a chourus, delay, phaser. Ring modulator, EQ pedal, distortion pedals (you will need a few here per pedalboard) and an overdrive.

    This of course could cost you 10s of thousands. So my suggestion, friend, is that we try to help you figure out what is wrong with your computer to Virus communication. I have had issues and so has most other users. It is the SMALL price we pay for FREE UPGRADES. Think about this, please, before you make a choice that you might regret.

    Bravo. That is very interesting. So is there a way to change a falling sawtooth oscillator into a rising sawtooth on the Virus? Besides that point, you can combined a sine as your 2nd ocscillator to get rounder saws for a more vintage sound.

    I am confused. After reading this I have to ask: Are you saying that you do not like the Virus' oscillators or are you saying that they are to dark and thin? I have found that you can make some very fat sounds on the Virus BEFORE you start dropping on effects.

    I bet that if you create a patch with 1 hypersaw with some detuning on it and put it though a LP filter and then put on some filter envelope and then set the envelope values at: Attack - 0, Decay - 25, Sustain - 0, Release - 15 and then engage some delay and reverb and play with the stompbox distortions you will be able to create an entire trance pluck bank on your own pal! :)

    SPDIF is for recording or listening to audio that you do not want to convert from digital back into analog. If you are using a Fireface, you should try the main outs too. The RME converters are some of the best in the industry and you might find a cleaner sound to use the Virus TI in USB mode and then output through your Fireface. Good Luck.