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    Hello, can Access please also make the track for the mp3 snack preview of OS4 as a downloadable session tutorial file with automation for all the main DAWs so that we can see all the techniques used for designing sounds with the new features and how some of them morph through particular things automated? I realize some switches in that mp3 to different versions of that patch are not all automated, but some of them we badly need to know the order and layering of elements morphed and so a session file for the DAWs would be of great assistance. Thanks... but if not, can someone please tell me the name of that patch. Thanks.

    oh ok thanks found it. I also found this ben crossland youtube video... i need these exact sounds... does anyone know if these arpeggiated patches are going to be available? or do i have to create them myself?

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    Well according to your logic they wouldn't put any knobs on the front of a guitar amplifier to tweak the parameters then would they? It would just have a volume knob and some presets.

    Your responding logic is bankrupt - because the front of a guitar amp just has knobs to alter and tone shape the already existing sound coming out of a guitar amp... like EQ of drive amount.... but the distortion waveform comes from the internal guts of the amplifier.


    You remind me of this Ukrainian lady over at the Roland Clan that said that the V-Synth didn't come with the proper set of patches to do her music properly. My suggestion would be to sit down one afternoon and read the manual and then read the pdf documentation and then spend some time creating your own patches. If you yourself can't create the synth sound that you visualize on a Virus TI then it either can't be done or maybe you bought the wrong keyboard.

    Actually I already read the manual and know how to alter existing sounds, and i therefore I know how to work through the unit and the VC plug-in. So in other words, your point there is whey off the mark because it is also valid to read the manual for the purposes of altering existing sounds only. Again, pro guitar players do not set up waveform monitors and scopes - thats the job of the amplifier engineer or modifier - a process i have been exposed to.


    If you yourself can't create the synth sound that you visualize on a Virus TI then it either can't be done or maybe you bought the wrong keyboard.

    With that you misrepresent the ability of the virus because - the existence of various patches (which do exist on the virus btw and can be tweaked) - is independent of my ability or lack of, to create them. So for your information, this is the right keyboard for me because I have found many of the right patches in the Virus - much more than any other keyboard or plug-in available on the market - and basically am just trying to push the company to take advantage of that lead since the virus already has the most of those sounds out of all. And I still have to go through the rest of the sounds. If I am satisfied, I might even try to enter the field of sound design myself - but I have no expectations to use any of my begginner sound creations in any of my music. Each department in my team has its focus.

    Dear Access: can you guys please help make either of the following work - i am not picky, as long as one option exists, then I am fine. am currently using 3.3.4 i think.

    1) can you please either make the next release allow the up and down keyboard keys change to the next or previous patch in VC - bypassing Pro Tools ... because for Native Instruments Reaktor and other plug-ins - they allow these keys to bypass pro tools when the plug-in window is selected.


    2) Because this does not work, the next way i tried doing it was on the TI hardware with the value + - buttons... but this does not work either to change patches in VC >> of course naturally one would expect that option because the name on the hardware display matches up to whatever patch is selected in the VC plug-in... so then why does the Value +- not go to the next patch in the selected VC bank? why make the display react to and match the patch selected in VC and not make the value keys have any effect?

    It is absolutely bizarre why you should not be able to switch to the next listed patch in VC with the value + - selectors. What does it do? When i try that it goes back to the previous bank i was in when I was not in VC mode! My pro tools situation is now in the land of the absurd.

    This is a sad sad situation for me because my wrist and forearm suffers from all sorts of chronic problems and pains if i click the mouse too much. I simply cannot with my wrist select patches with a mouse if i look through thousands of patches. please help. please at least make either up down or the value + - to select the next or the previous patch. this is so important and fundamental of a request for pro tools users.

    I'm ridiculously excited for OS4. I've stopped using my virus as much as I'd like to lately because I'm able to get certain sounds a lot faster using NI Massive and a few other vst plugs, .

    the exact reverse is true for me. i find the quality of the Ti many light years ahead, and can find sounds much quicker than with massive... massive takes too long to find a usable sound, especially for the type of music i am making - industrial metal. virus to massive is like a lamborghini compared to a honda... in my opinion, and i think this is still true for all genres because the virus pads just sound whey better and warmer.

    all mentioned effects are good, but its a matter of bussing multi-lateral effects in your DAW.

    set up 3 of 4 aux tracks and route three different buses to each from the same audio track.. on one aux track do a pitch shifter up on another do a pitch shifter down, on another aux track add reverb and then put a tube-distortion sound on the reverb,... maybe turn up the reverb aux with the distortion on the same aux but make it post reverb... delay it maybe all wet

    then if you don't want the dry, set your bus on the audio to pre-fader and you can turn down the audio track... (unless you did something to that but i suggest keeping the audio track raw... and delay one or two of the auxes by different amounts and reverse delay one of them for trippy quick swelling)... and another one even more with no wet on the delay and maybe even add a 4th aux with no delay but modify it with a pitch shift or something.... but at this point it should sound like you have three or 4 voices going at the same time... but coming out of the same creature

    you can also add flange or any other combination... there is tons of stuff you can do,

    [quote Zylfrax791] " If its so hard to describe then why don't you just take the time and program some patches yourself? The Virus comes with a decent manual and several hundred patches to start with so why not be creative and do it on your own? I'd say that 80% of the patches have "dark" elements to them anyway. Only you can envision the sound you are looking for so why expect someone else will have already created it for you?" [/quote]

    for the same reason i expect guitar amplifier manufacturers to give me the electric amp tones i am looking for, because i am a guitar player, not an amplifier component modifier.

    the same goes for piano players who do not build the pianos they play, and drummers who do not construct their own drums. For the exact same reason. I only modify existing sounds. I do not have the time for sound design. I only sometimes have time to make music. But i want right sound to start with.

    That's why.

    Check out the Matthew Stolley soundsets, and my Elemental SoundSet.

    ok i checked out some of your sounds. they are very proper and exactly what i am looking for.... how do you program stuff like that?

    anyways i am kinda stuck... i can't use the arrow up and down in VC in pro tools to browse through the patches (any lib at all)... and I have to double click on each patch.. i hope they fix this, cause i could more rapidly check out all the libraries...

    do you know if any of the libraries for sale are any good for that evil stuff?

    Severe bugs to report on VC 3.1: Ctl-start-alt clicking on any virus parameters does not enable automation of those parameters in Pro Tools. That is the shortcut that enables automation of plug-in parameters. And another possible bug is that hitting the down arrow in the browser window does not go to the next patch. And the up arrow does not go to the previous preset either. The only way to switch patches is to double click.

    But i cannot go patch searching by double clicking through thousands of presets. Please bypass pro tools like reaktor snapshot windows does for up/down browsing of the snapshots.

    Again, in other words.... in other plug-ins like Reaktor, the down and up arrows are made to switch patches in the reaktor patch snapshot window even in pro tools. This is an essential must for any plug-in's browser that has lots of patches to scroll through. The operation of this feature not working in VC can only be considered to be a bug. It is much too severe of a problem for a pro tools user and I simply have no choice but to wait to see if Access can fix these problems because there is no efficient workflow in VC in PT as a result of these bugs when looking for sounds.


    just to clarify, my request mainly targets the browser... the rest of the plug-in looks fine now that i checked again. but the browser does not appear to have the same crystal clarity as the rest of the windows. A slightly Grey background on the browser with a thick black font would eliminate all complaints about difficulty looking at the white browser.

    download all the banks off the Access download section... i could have sworn i heard a patch exactly like that in there somewhere... i forget which one because i have been going through tons of sound sets

    I think writing something along the lines of "we have no plans on doing anything to it" would have been more appropriate. So I hope you are beginning to understand my initial reaction, which I apologized for. But I am still disturbed by your comment regardless. With that said, warning taken, and I will avoid posting any future defensive messages that are exaggerated. .

    As you are noting that what MaF said makes sense... this is exactly the same and primary reason for my exact same request as him. Again, please let me corroborate him and another member who was earlier referring to a medical concern of greater intensity with the letters and contrasts on the current plug-in compared with the previous plug-in. If you mention his comments make sense, then do my same reasons not have equal relevance?

    My references to a preferred "meaner" look, were also a reason but not a "need" like the biggest reason being a medical one relating to the strain on the eyes.

    I have edited the post for the final time because my reference to political ideologies was exaggerated and that Access does not deserve potential visitors seeing other users referring to their stance as communist when it is really not. it was just my initial overreaction. But regardless, I am still shocked and offended at the comment a staff member made.)

    I agree with the previous post.... the thing is too taxing on the eyes.... it seems i am not the only one complaining about the unwanted and very tiring look of Virus control. But I cannot explain the response from the company. I will quote Access again. This was very rude:

    I will quote Marc:

    "we will do nothing to it. this is the part where personal preferences come in."

    I find that response very arrogant. Marc, why would you reply like that to a customer? It leads me to believe that customer feedback and majority opinion are not a factor to consider for you.

    (And please note, I do not own a snow, . I bought a TI.)

    I paid big money for my unit and should have my opinion at the very least considered according to that. And even if the answer is to eventually be no, at least for the company to consider as valid feedback. But this response has no indication of any consideration. Even though both me and another member have shown the potential medical issues with the plug-in.

    If your company chooses to be in the global market, then last time I have checked, the customer's feedback and majority opinion is considered as a factor for review sessions... especially when the comments have a consistent pattern like in this example. And then where the polled results have an influence on the subsequent revisions... this is called market research - feedback which is not rejected outright like you have done but rather to at least consider for adjustments.

    With that, I apologize for my comments and referrals to negative ideologies which I have edited out. But I cannot help but still be shocked after receiving such a reply from a member of access, especially after friendly, considerate and helpful replies from the tech support department.


    yeah but thats strange... because it would only make sense that only polar keyboard users should have to look at that plug-in matching their snow keyboard, and TI users should have the option to look at a more industrial style plug-in skin to match the TI... so you are saying this is the skin for life? Sorry but I must say that sucks dude! You are sort of doing what digidesign did with their Icons where they turned them dreadful. Now they made a grey and black icon that looks much better and also other mixing surfaces.

    sometimes i like the polar one, sometimes its not working for me... and at times it just makes me go for too much of an icy wintery sound.. maybe they should just darken it a bit... i really don't know what they should do to it.

    And also, the current one is a little harder on the eyes than other plug-ins are. At the very least, I think all the white should be changed to at least some shade of grey.