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    Hi all

    My great wish is mathematical modulation modifier.

    Idea like Waldorf Blofeld and EMU Proteus but more modificator like +,-,*,/,and,or,xor,nor,flip-flop,^2,^x :)

    This is great for generative modulation and very complex textures.

    Many Thanks

    P.S. and better patch randomizer function and randomize function with VST control panel :)

    Filters for psymod experience

    - Comb filter
    - Phase filter
    - Feedback Delay filter


    - String oscilator (delay tunes for malet, string)

    - Chaos LFO (with mathematic parrameters seed and other)
    - Elastic LFO (friction parrameters)


    - Sequencer 32 step drawable
    - More mod matrix sources/destination (oscilators, sequencer, feedback and random but with random parrameter smooth, range, seed)
    - patch randomizer on Virus Control and genetic or fractal mutator