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    210Mhz ...
    m Flattered that you used my tune as an example :)

    this bass was made in ES-1 synth .... but u can get fairly similar sound on TI as well ... (if not a better one) :)

    anyway its way more simple than it sounds :

    u need 1 Saw tooth Osc . the most important thing is the phase retriger - so ull get a study sound each time u press a note .
    for that u need to slightly move the phase init knob at the ocilator page ,

    next thing is the filter ... use just 1 (take it all to the left) lowpass .
    cutoff and res all the way down . Env amount all the way up ..
    filter envelope : very short decay (around 25).
    attack sustain and release all the way down .

    from here on its only a matter of fine tuning to your liking ... the Cutoff freq , Env Amt , and the filter Decay ...

    here is a patch i made recreating that bass ... (i used some saturation/EQ/Analog boost to fatten it up a little bit) .
    its an Ableton Live Clip , containg the preset . hope ull like it :)…l%20Bass%20Virus%20TI.alc

    cheers , Eli .