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    This is for Logger, I updated to and Cubase crashed BIG Time! Completely stopped responding. Also the computer was sluggish closing down or opening up again. I felt like I was going to lose my projects. I found the installer on an external drive, after dumping the new OS, and installing the old one, all works fine, no problems.

    I am almost certain the problem is the USB drivers. But I'm not the expert.

    Access doesn't seem to be aware of this problem, so XP users may be on their own.

    Once installed, Projects will not open, or if they do, they crash immediately. Cubase wants to open until it starts to load Virus, at which point it chokes and dies. Windows XP SP3 has problems opening and closing. I have reinstalled OS v27300 which is STABLE and does not crash. With the older OS Installer, Win XP has NO problems. The problem seems to be with the new drivers.They also knocked out my USB keyboard which had to be reinstalled, and made my USB card stop functioning.

    As I said ALL problems were solved by reinstalling the older OS.

    Hello, The new OS doesn't work! It causes my DAW to stop responding. I am desperate to find an older version that is stable. Can anyone help?

    By the way, the beta OS 3.0.5 was making Win XP open funny and ask me to contact the vendor of whatever the new software I installed was. It was Access.

    The Snow is a beautiful instrument. I wish I could use it. :(