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    I recently installed OS 5 beta, and I've found that ENV 3 and ENV 4 will not control the Filterbank Cutoff (FreqFilter Cutoff) or Filterbank Poles through the Mod Matrix.

    This is frustrating as they are possibly the most useful envelopes to control the most useful components of the filterbank.

    Is this a bug? or a design characteristic? or is it supposed to work, and I'm doing something wrong?


    There seems to be a labelling error in the VST (64 bit drivers, 32 bit install) of the new IOS 5 beta.

    All of the FilterBank controls in the Mod Matrix are labelled with FilterBank at the beginning except for Frequency.

    So you have FilterBank Poles, Reso and Slope ... but then you still have FreqShifter Freq. I believe this control should be labelled FilterBank Freq,,,?

    Also on the actual Virus TI screen when in EDIT LFO LFO 1 Destinations 3/3, you still Assign Target to FreqShifter Freq (and it should be FilterBank Freq)... Am I right?


    It would be great if you could assign an LFO to another LFO's speed with sync on because then you could Sync the first envelope to the beat at say 1/1 and have it control the sync speed of the other LFO which would be awesome for filters. You could kind of control it like the performer mod in Massive then :)

    Hi there

    I know that Access is typically tight lipped about release dates; but I was wondering if you are able to estimate a release date or month (it feels like I've been waiting for forever) for even a beta of TIOS 5.

    Would be very grateful!


    Hi all

    additive and Breach Feat. Tawny Keranovich - Believe

    All Synth sounds made with Virus TI.
    Drums programmed with Battery 3.06
    Vocals / Guitar - Tawny Keronavich


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    me too. i check it every day about 10 times! If they can demo it at NAMM, I wonder why they can't release it... as a beta. I mean; that's what a beta is, right? I want the vowel and comb filters which I expect are going to be awesome for DnB AIAIAIAIA and EIEIEIE and EIEAIIA and WOP WOP WOP and DOOOWOWOWOWOWO sounds :p

    all fixed :) <-- enjoy!

    Monomeester thank you for your feedback! Glad you're enjoying it :)

    Fringe, your comments and criticism are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    I'm quite new to this mixing business, and all the feedback I can get helps immensely. I agree with your comments, and I intend on trying out what you've suggested tonight... I will also be filling out the half-tempo break with some reverse hats to give it a bit more shwing, and shine whilst reducing the level of the attack on the layered hats.

    As far as the main break goes, I think that I should layer the transient of another snare and hat over the backbeat snare - something I've been thinking about for a while now... and then I'll leave it up to the mastering engineer to punch the drums out of the mix.. and give the hats the sizzle that you suggest.

    I would be interested to know your opinion on whether you think this track is "likable" enough to send to mastering and approach a small label... :)

    Of course, interested in anyone else's opinions on this, and any other criticism as well.

    Regards -Nick

    I'm running Cubase 5.1 Studio (64bit), and 64 bit Virus Control and automation is locked to either 0 or 127 for all possible automation tracks. This is the latest beta release that I know of, and it doesn't work. It makes it very difficult. Is there a workaround? or can someone tell me when it will be fixed?