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    I am doing a clean install of Logic and I need to re-install VC. I have one channel working fine. However, I can not get additional channels 2-16 on the VC in Logic 9.

    First of all I can not find any video - neither through the VC nor on Access's website.

    I did download the tutorial, and its absolutely of no use at all. There are plenty of good tips once you have it installed, but the only advice seems to be "look at the tutorial song and do the same thing". Well I didtake a look. It seems to be one channel on the mixer and multiple tracks on the arrange page. But ... I can't copy them to my project. When I duplicate the 1st track in logic, it makes a new instantiation of the VC which of course is not allowed and won't work. I was able to get another track with the same instatation but when I have changed midi channels and what happens is that they all change to whatever channel I change to.

    All this documentation, and they can't just say "do this, this, and this" to make the TI work in Logic? Do you go into the environment? What is the secret? :?: