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    Not writing to report a problem I'm having with Logic.... I'm running Digital Performer 6.03, and just purchased my second Virus (whiteout TI2 #89) - have an original Virus A from 1997.
    Since Virus Control doesn't support DP, and they don't work together well at all, I'm thinking seriously of changing over to Logic.

    I read hear many posts describing problems with the new OS and Logic... wondering if any Logic users might email me personally with their experience with running Virus Control and Logic.

    Specifically how well the AU Virus Control works within Logic. Can it be used in live performance and reliably for production?


    The exact same problem has been happening with my Whiteout TI2 and DP6.03. Or course, DP isn't supported so I'm not surprised at this, but I'm concerned to hear Logic, a supported DAW, is having these problems too.
    I am considering buying and changing over from DP to Logic, just so I can use the TI/USB set up... but maybe it's not such a slam dunk?


    Curious if Access is ever going to include Digital Performer in their list of supported DAWs?

    As a long time user of both Virus and DP, and having just purchased a whiteout TI2, I'd love to take advantage of the integration available.
    But using Virus Control within DP is ... mmm, a terrible experience. I know the good people at Access clearly say it's not supported.. so I'm not
    surprised when patch change commands for example, trigger note ons from the TI... but still !

    So if Access is planing to fully support DP, great. But if not, I'd like to know, as I'm also willing to change from DP to Logic 9 if I must, in order to take
    full advantage of the integration available with the TI2.

    BTW, the whiteout simply rocks !!! It's pretty interesting to see it side by side my original Virus A !