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    i'm having serious issues
    but my DAW isnt crashing

    just audio problems... coming out of VC really quiet and distorted as
    sometimes the midi interface part isnt being recognised
    sometimes the audio input (when using Virus as a soundcard) isnt working and sometimes its receiving whitenoise

    levels in my multi patches seem to be different sometimes :/ (possibly user error? maybe i'm just going crazy on that one)
    but a patch that used to be too loud, is now really quiet, i have to boost the part to +63 in the multi mode to get a reasonable level
    (but its really loud when i open the single patch that the multi is referencing... i dont know what i'm doing wrong here)

    some of the new chorus's dont seem to have as much effect as they should
    and the knob to turn them up in VC looks different to the others (i saw someone else mention this somewhere too)

    are any of these known issues?

    computer i use is a early 2011 macbook pro 13" 2.7Ghz i7 on snow leopard 10.6.7
    sequencers i've had issues with are Ableton live 8.2.1 and Reaper 3.75/64 osx version (i know reaper isnt officially supported, but it used to work fine)

    found this in search... me complaining it couldnt be done, and someone providing a work around

    havnt tried it yet

    Edit everything in Virus Control, then hit [STORE] and select "-> Multi Edit Buffer" as destination. Next time, when VC is closed, go to Multimode and press [STORE] again to enter the multi store menu (and store it!)


    wow, cant believe i never saw this

    was about to post the same feature request again.

    glad i used the search function

    sounds like an odd and unintuitive way of doing it tho.

    ok new feature request
    to be able to open a multi in VC so you can tweak the levels
    then save it back to your virus using the above method...

    I'm having an issue with the Virus Polar TI2 and OS 4.5 in Logic 9.1.3 and Ableton 8.2.2.:

    Certain times when I fire the Virus up, all patches sound distorted. Deleting the instance, restarting the DAW doesn't seem to fix it. But, resetting using the 'Arp Edit' seems to work. Anyone else experience this issue?

    Yes, i had this at rehearsal when running VC in Reaper
    (on mac)

    ok, still having issues here

    at rehearsal, the Audio IN's for the virus stopped working all together
    (with the virus being used as a soundcard and no instance of virus control loaded)
    i had to dig out a crappy behringer usb audio interface that was lying around to fix the problem,
    and stop using the virus as a soundcard just to get through the rehearsal
    lots of time wasted troubleshooting that till i had to give up and move on.

    this was when using the virus as an audio and midi interface but not using virus control.

    also, the first time i booted up my live set
    the midi interface part of the virus wasnt working.
    it would appear in the list of midi ports, properly enabled as it always has been.
    but the external midi port simply wasnt receiving anything.

    i connect 2 controller keyboards via USB to my laptop
    and the virus via USB to my laptop
    the external midi input on the virus is receiving midi patch changes from my band mates pc running reaper (who's running the backing tracks for our set)

    so basically, i had no patch changes at all.
    if this happened at a gig i'd be screwed, and i wouldnt know until we'd started the set
    restarting the laptop and the virus fixed this.

    also, for a track we'd been working on in Reaper (other members of my band use Reaper exclusively)
    with VC
    i had all the virus sounds drop in volume and become very distorted when using the USB outs
    but they sounded fine when using the analog outs

    the sounds seem to change every time i played the project too.

    basically stuff was not responding the way it should.

    basically, the Virus
    which is normally the piece of hardware i can rely on when all else goes wrong
    is having strange, serious, intermittent problems

    anyone else having these issues?
    any suggestions of things to try?
    or should i downgrade for the time being?
    (in the past i've never had any issues with the Virus Beta's)

    Hi, i'm getting a Hissing sound with some projects i open in Ableton 8.2
    using the virus TI OS 4.5 beta as a soundcard

    in one project, the sound disappeared when i removed the plugin and readded it
    (this was annoying as it deleted all my midi routings to the plugin i'd set up inside some intrument racks with the "external midi device" live device
    also meant i had to reload each individual patch i was using for that track... :S)

    (is use VC with my band to help build synth patches for our set, i then rebuild everything as multi's for gigs/rehearsals)

    in my ableton live set i use with my band live
    i dont have an instance of virus control loaded

    but i'm still getting noise appear via the audio input on the virus

    a constant hissing sound, when i unplug leads from the audio input
    the noise disappears temporarily and then resumes slightly different

    the noise stops if i stop monitoring the audio input via Live...... but this is necessary for the way i have things set up right now :(

    dont realy want to down grade as i just made a bunch of patches for a new song, using some of the new fx!

    brand new Macbook pro 13" 2.7gh i7 2011
    Ableton Live 8.2.1

    have you tried setting the synth part to Direct analog out1+2 (or pressing the "D" button next to "Mute") with live mode off
    you bypass any software effects but you end up with zero latency.

    then turn the "D" off for that track on play back leaving live mode off for consistent timing info... see if that works?

    save live mode for running through software effects maybe, i dunno