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    Sorry Taavi i am not sure here, maybe you should also contact access support directly?

    Marc  thetechnobear

    my issue seems to be solved without support after all!

    - as of working in 44.100 Hz the Virus seems to be extremely stable and opens reliably ..
    some other problems seem to be fixed as well ..
    i reckon back in the day when i was running 44.100 i must have had a different problem, more to do with my old laptop..

    it all works perfectly now, still looking forward to the upgrade to 48.000 compatibility :)

    Thanks again!


    Many thanks for all the advice!

    Don't worry, the 'Virus not found screen' just appears inevitably after i manually switch off the Virus in order to force a restart.

    Source = Auto // Frequency = Synced to Host

    Yes, when you said try at 44.100 i switched it on Ableton, which automatically changed the Fireface to 44.100 also, but the Virus remained quiet ..
    i then restarted the Virus a couple times, then Ableton as well as the Virus ..

    Will take your advice to heart however and leave everything on 44.100 until the issue is resolved!

    I am using the USB audio through VC .. was looking to use the audio in the future, including inputs in the future, but for the moment all my 28 Inputs are already in use so until i find an affordable solution to get more inputs i was fine only using the signal routed back..

    Would you recommend using the analogue outs anyways? I thought there was no difference since the virus is only virtual analogue, but if it has any other advantages i am keen to hear about them!

    Hey, thanks for the rapid reply!

    Yes switching USB ports i had tried a few times, also with all other devices removed.. did not make a difference..

    I also used to run 41 kHz , tried again just now just to be sure, problem persists.

    I am running Ableton on 64 bit - Once the Virus runs it runs fine .. although when the computer goes to sleep and i wake up the system, the problem then often reoccurs in one of the forms mentioned.

    But when i was on Snow Leopard, which i was for years since it was running fine, the Virus behaved the exact same.

    Hello friends!

    I love my Virus when it runs, but am having some serious troubles which kill the vibe just when I'm full of fire to make a track ..
    right when i fire everything up ..

    I will try and list the symptoms as well as their surroundings as accurately, yet briefly as possible:


    relevant equipment:

    -iMac, Mavericks 10.9.3, thus 64 bit
    -Ableton Live 9
    -RME Fireface 800 Soundcard
    -Virus TI-2 desktop
    --Control Version
    --Audio Driver/Library Version:
    --Host Interface Version
    --MIDI Driver Version

    The Virus is solely connected via USB, directly, no hub,
    still getting the root hub warning, but i read on the forums here to ignore it and get on with life, which i have been doing.

    My settings on Ableton:
    --buffer: 512
    -relevant MIDI Settings on Ableton:
    --Input: Virus TI (MIDI) / Track ON / Sync OFF / Remote OFF
    --Input: Virus TI (Synth) / Track ON / Sync OFF / Remote OFF
    --Output: Virus TI (MIDI) / Track OFF / Sync OFF / Remote OFF
    --Output: Virus TI (Synth) / Track OFF / Sync OFF / Remote OFF


    i do a mix of restarts when symptoms occur, none seem to work better or worse though, but :

    --killing power at the plug
    --reloading the VST
    --reloading as AU
    --reloading the project
    --loading a new custom initialise project with Virus already set up
    --every now and then i also used to follow the 'No Virus TI can be found' instructions which pop up every time i disconnect or switch off the device,
    --e.g. disconnect, wait 30 sec hold ARP EDIT of 10 secs etc, but i stopped doing that since it also is no guarantee that it will work but the most time-consuming..

    I have also once uninstalled the Virus Control Plugin and re-installed it

    then I randomly get one of the following scenarios after each restart upon triggering a note on the Virus via Ableton:

    -Scenario 1:
    --no sound
    --Virus Control Plugin shows in the Voices menu on the left that sound should come through, however the channel in Ableton remains stumm

    -Scenario 2:
    --no sound
    --i can see that the MIDI signal is arriving at the Plugin via Ableton, though no sign of life in any way from the Plugin itself

    -Scenario 3:
    --sound can be seen coming out the plugin is not audible
    --the plugin on the channel in Albeton shows an output (sometimes it is responsive to note on/off, at other times it remains constant) - The Channel on Ableton where the plugin resides shows no output.

    -Scenario 4:
    --quiet sound can be seen coming out the plugin but at normal Monitoring Volume hardly audible
    --when i turn up my monitors all the way i hear a faint, very distorted signal, possibly a version of my preset on the voice thats being triggered

    -Scenario 5:
    --distorted sound
    --presets seem to load since i can hear a resemblance of their timbres when i switch through my presets .. although they are terribly distorted

    -Scenario 6:
    --distorted sound, no note-release
    --same sound as Scenario 5, but the notes are on hold, so when i release the key, or the midi trigger ends, the note is not being released.


    Sometimes the Virus springs to live after 2-3 tries, sometimes it takes a perceived 500 restarts at waiting times of up to 15 mins ..


    Some important information for locating the source of the problem:

    The same problem occurred on a Virus TI (1) Polar keyboard edition which i had bought around 2009 second hand in the UK ..
    It took me until 2012 until i started using it fully integrated, but then the same behaviour was present right away.
    Since it was a second hand machine i banked on the fact that if i got a brand new TI-2 the problems would resolve naturally ..

    I have also switched computers and OS from a MacBookPro/SnowLeopard to the iMac/Mavericks ..


    Two different Computers, two different Tis and the same problem occurring logically leads to the conclusion that the problem is somewhere in my settings, not any hardware.

    I hope i haven't forgot to mention anything..

    Thank you very very much in advance, I am certain with the help of this forum full of people who know whats good for them we'll get this baby running smoothly in no time!

    I owe you already for having read all this ;)