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    I'm not sure exactly what you mean. But here's a run down.

    There's two ways you can go about this. When you're in the 'new posts since last visit' page, it's probably best to view all the threads in new tabs. So when you're done in a thread, you just close the tab and the 'new posts since last visit' page is still there. Or if you don't like using tabs, the search bar on the top right of any page of the forum can take you back to the 'new posts since last visit' page.

    Where is the Subscribe button? The only thing I can see that will do something like this is the RSS feed. But you need an RSS feed reader, such as Google Reader. I use Google Reader a lot. Recommend it to anybody who likes to keep up to date.


    I'm guessing the INPUT THRU setting will include the dry input signal in the output, which is not what you want to do when using it as an effect unit. You want to include only the wet signal, as this will go back into your mixer which already has the dry signal. I don't have a TI2, so I won't be able to guide you exactly, but on my Virus C, I would do the following...

    Under the EFFECTS section, press the EDIT button
    Scroll to the INPUT menu and set it to ToEffects
    Turn the DELAY / REVERB SEND knob fully clockwise (so you only hear the wet signal)
    Send some sound to the Virus

    Let us know how you go. Hope I have been of some help.



    I have a Virus C and when I want to see the notes of any arp pattern, I go to the system settings of the Virus and set ARP SEND on. Then hit record in your sequencer and it should record all the notes coming from the arp pattern. There's a few things you need to keep in mind when doing this though. If the MIDI output is going to the Virus at the same time it is playing the arp, you will create a loop, causing the Virus feedback or no sound at all. So make sure you don't set the MIDI output to the Virus. Once you've recorded successfully, you can open the MIDI event and check it out.

    You can use the ARP SEND feature to send the arp pattern from the Virus to any other MIDI device. Just do as explained above, but set the ouput to any other MIDI device.