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    logic 9.1.7 gets a lot of issues. sometimes the is a synchronisation problem between the virus TI and logic 9.1.7 (USB Mode and MIDI mode) so I think there is some problems for rewiring. there is many threads about this on the web.
    go back to 9.1.3
    it works for me.

    please contact support. they'll assist you though it. it works here just fine.

    HI marc. I have already contact the support and request to make a midi editor. the usb mode could be nice but there is too many bugs with usb ports or controller on each computer, and on live set that's more easier to work in midi. As you could see on my post, It takes me 3 hours to repair a bug due to the virus control center and of course you know how faster it is with a midi dump. (and there is no problems with midi)
    but this needs another thread I think

    ok I'm trying.... 3 HOURS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! there is too many bugs with Virus TI mode.... PLEASE MAKE A MIDI EDITOR!!! I will do a survey to ask access music to make a midi editor!

    this is the procedure:
    backup current patches,
    restore old version,
    start your daw,
    load the plugin,
    click on browser tab,
    choose (MY PACTHES.MID located /Users/You/Documents/Access Music/Virus TI) in the first window,
    choose the ram that you want to copy in the second window.
    select one or all of your patches,
    drag them to the first window ( My pacthes.mid, it should be empty),
    make it for each ram you need to copy.
    close your daw ,
    open the Virus control center,
    restore your newer version.
    go back to your daw.
    open the plugin and make the same as above to copy your My pacthes.mid to the RAM-C for example.
    close your Daw
    load the Virus control center
    burn to flash
    seclect RAM-C and burn it to your choosed ROM.

    I confirm that the midi dump can only dump RAMS banks.
    thank you

    My back up has bugged and it has restore ROM-A and ROM-B in crazy characters and my sounds disepears!!!
    I have an older version of my patches but I Need to inject only the roms above in my new patch Roms. so I should export the old one into Midi file and then I will restore my current Roms and I want to copy the Roms A and B from the midi file created
    thank you

    I need to copy a patch made in the multi mode but I need it in single too. how to copy my patch from multi to the single mode

    mail from access support


    What you need to do is this: in Multimode, hit the STORE button. Next turn the left knob below the display where you see "destination" until this changes to "store single menu". This allows you to store a single sound out of a multi program.

    thank you