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    I'm not virus programming nerd, I don't even like the synth but tend to use it as blueprint when recreating Virus sounds or Virus soundalikes for other synths...

    Anyway it generaly works the way I described it, but you might have to improvise a bit when it comes to the virus. When distortion tends to create a bit too much dirt, you have to reduce the richness of the input or filter the output. Anyway, the bass sound seems to have a clearly noticable distortion/intermodulation signature, juding by the Youtube Version I found...

    If it's the humming type bass sound, I'd guess the sound is mainly based on hypersaw or unisono saw sent thru a resonant tuned (filter frequency is following the key frequency) Bandpassfilter to a waveshaper or distortion FX...

    recursive modulation was always considered to be a trick which never was officially supported. it works in most cases but in some, it might not. back in the days when the tutorial was written, the virus was a lot simpler and therefore the chance of side effects was much smaller.

    If so, it would be nice if access adds a slope parameter for attack, decay and release as proper replacement. Especially the filter envelope often reacts pretty "stubborn", not sure if this is a problem with the envelope itself or the parameter scaling, with only two envelopes at hand stacking them is rarely an option, so on quite some occasions recursive modulation is the only way to get the wanted (for instance punchy) behaviour.

    Only a small free bank with a few of my first TI Sounds I did about two years ago, not good enought to sell them but not bad enough to keep them for myself only. Those chiptune sounds are rather easy to recreate with the Virus (except maybe the kick/snare sounds), since it should be possible to resemble the microwave 2 S/H Filter with the help of the rate reducer filter saturation FX easily. Wasn't sure if their is a demand for that type of sounds, that's why I posted that example...

    Seems to work now, I only have random problems when switching the oscillator models, the display is changing while the mode stays the same, switching seems to work properly when I leave the virus alone (not playing any notes) shortly before switching. Since I mostly work/edit the TI within VSTHost this probably isn't worth a serious bug report, but I keep my eye on this...

    I doubt that USB2.0 would lower the latency since this is rather a question of polling the USB device fast enough than of the bandwith and more usb audio channels would as well cause a higher CPU load.

    +1 for a third envelope, maybe even switchable to bipolar behaviour
    Oscillators tunable down to 0Hz, to use them as waveshaper or to modulate the shapers/saturation phase, as it is possible with Q/mQ/MWXT.
    PhaseMod Mode that sums/mix Oscillator 1+3 as modulator for Oscillator 2.
    Currently played Unisono Voice Number as Modulation Source like in microQ/Q synthesizer.
    Distortion behind not only between filters.
    Bandpass and bandreject with adjustable bandwidth (not to be mistaken with Q-Factor).
    Higher pitch mod amount.
    Oszillator 3 as selectable Sync Master.
    Faster (enough for noise modulation) and rekursive modulatable LFOs

    Rather unlikely to get.

    Additve Waveform Editor with Absynth type waveform morphing