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Jayme David Silverstein

Jayme David Silverstein is an L.A-based multi-instrumentalist who is currently on the road playing with chart topping, Grammy nominated R&B artist Miguel. Jayme is using the Virus TI2 Polar live, and has recently performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Soul Train Awards and MTV.

How did you become interested in being a musician?

I was actually a musician before I was ever interested in being one!  I was FORCED to play piano at a young age and hated it.  At the age of 12 everyone was forming rock bands and I convinced my mom to let me try the bass instead.

Did you study music or an instrument in school?

I did study music in school.  I played electric and upright bass in high school jazz band and went on to study jazz bass at the Manhattan School of Music.  I started playing key bass out of necessity.  I got called to sub a Miguel gig and I had never played  key bass live before.  I read up on the Moog Voyager and then flew to the gig.  Luckily, I guess I did a good job.  : )

What records, producers or artists do you feel have had the most influence on you as an artist?

I guess I assume everyone like myself has studied the greats like MIles, Earth Wind and Fire, Michael Jackson....etc.  I guess the big bassists for me have been and still are Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Stuart Zender, Anthony Jackson, Meshell Ndegeocello, Sharay Reed and Derrick Hodge.

What was your very first synthesizer?

Moog Voyager, Minimoog and Korg Ms2000.

Can you walk us through your current setup?

My current set up is a Polar TI2 and my 5 string Fodera Emperor.  I also use an AB switcher to go back and forth but I only play electric bass on two or three songs a night. The Virus could really do the whole gig, I just don't want my electric bass chops to go to crap.

What led you to include the Virus TI in your keyboard setups?

When I first started doing the Miguel gig I was playing a Moog Voyager.  I remember how shocked I was when I realized I had to tune it!  Also I realized that the same sounds would sound different on different boards.  I wanted more consistency. Then I moved to the Korg ms2000.  The Korg only had one usable sound for me and I couldn't do the sound design I wanted to on the fly.  I wanted something with the fatness and tactile approach of the Moog with the consistency of digital that I'm used to.  I'm glad I found the Virus.

What types of sounds are you using the Virus TI for?

Live I am using the Virus for key bass.  I have my one bass patch that I use for the whole show but since everything is laid out in front of me I can change the envelopes on the fly instead of saving different patches.  I also program the mod wheel and channel pressure to do different things.  I also love keeping the bit crusher on my first soft knob.  IN the studio you can literally use the virus for anything.  I really like using the virus make my own transitions like white noise sweeps.

What is your favorite aspect of the Virus?

My favorite aspect of the virus is the sound first and foremost. The Virus has its own sonic stamp and while it can emulate the classics like Stevie Wonder's sound on Boogie on Reggae Woman, nothing sounds like it.  Other musicians are always walking over to my keyboard and asking me how I am doing what I'm doing!  My second favorite is the lay out.  Everything is so easy to find.  It makes my job easier.  

What is playing on your iPod right now?

Right now I am really digging Passion Pit's new record Gossamer.  Aside from the catch songwriting I get lost in the textures and sound design.

What are your plans for the next year?

My plans for next year are continue touring with Miguel and Cher Lloyd.  We have lots of over seas stuff coming up and I love seeing new countries.  I also plan on playing the Virus on a lot records.  I want the Virus and I to be all over the radio!