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The Demo Reel

The Indisputable Tesla

This demo song features one Virus TI2 and drum samples from Sample Magic and Xfer Deadmau5. Most of the background motion you can hear is tape delays with automated delay time and feedback. Everything went straight from the TI into Izotope Ozone which was used to compress the mix and add loudness.


Steampunx is a breaks oriented demo not holding back on bass and fat lead sounds. All tonal sounds including the FX were made with one Virus TI2. Most of the drum sounds and loops can be found on Sample Magic's Breakbusters library.

Spell Catcher

This short piece of ambient music was created on one Virus TI2 and a Tabla loop in Logic Pro. Some of the Virus tracks were bounced later in order to put a convolution reverb on top of them, others went straight from the Virus to the mastering channel where Izotope Ozone 4 and a Sonnox limiter were used to level out the song.

Virus TI Factoy Demo

This demo comes with the Virus TI2. All tonal sounds and drums are made with a single Virus synth engine. All patches are exclusive to the Virus TI Series.

The Dark Side Collection

The Dark Side Collection features 27 of the most moody, evil and downright brutal Virus TI presets. Use at your own risk. All patches are exclusive to the Virus TI Series.

The Bright Side Collection

The Bright Side Collection features 17 dreamy pads and belly atmospheres. All sounds are exclusively available to the Virus TI series and make extensive use of the WaveTable, HyperSaw and GrainTable Oscillators.

The Effects Reel

With OS3 for the Virus TI series new effects including several distortions, a tape delay, ringshifter and characters were introduced. This short demo illustrates how some of the new effects sound.

Presets On Parade

60 Factory presets from the Virus C series in action. The selection is tailored towards bread-and-butter use. For genre-specific sounds listen to the bright- and dark-side collections. No additional effects or outboard equipment have been used.

Meta Virus

Listen to what you can do with some loops from Spectrasonics' Metamorphosis sampling CD and a Virus. All sounds treated with Virus processing and effects.

Virus TDM Factory Demo

This demo consists of 8 parts, each running a Virus TDM plug-in. The synth part of the entire project only takes one DSP of a Digidesign Pro Tools HD system. The equalizers and compressors which came with Pro Tools have been used to refine the sound.

Indigo TDM Factory Demo

The demo runs on a Protools TDM system and uses a couple of Indigo TDM plug-ins for all sounds including all drums and filter effects.


In 1991, Endorphines secured the Virus as THE trance machine. It might sound cheesy today but back in those days it was included on more than one dance music compilation. We even had our own remix competition and a limited edition vinyl release (a collector's item on ebay today).

Vocoder Demo

This demo illustrates what you can do with the built-in Vocoder of the Virus. It features mostly voice but also drum sounds and some weird effects.

Virus Rack Factory Demo

The Virus Rack (discontinued) was essentially a Virus B series synthesizer in a compact 19" housing. This demo illustrates what you were able to get out of one Virus in the early '90s. No additional FX were used.


All sounds you here were created with a Virus B synthesizer recorded straight into Pro Tools. Some additional effects were used.


All sounds you here were created with a Virus B synthesizer recorded straight into Pro Tools. Some additional effects were used.

Virus C Factory Demo

This is the internal demo song which came with the Virus C series synthesizers. No additonal effects or outboard equipment have been used for this demo.