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  • hello! new here too, hope you enjoy the new synth...

    as tempted as i have been by the TI/TI2 options, I couldnt justify the expense for now (for now, hahaha) and have just fired up my Virus A Desktop for the first time.

    so far so good, sounds nice but there will be some manual reading the menu diving at first glance seems quite deep.

    it has a loose pot and there has been an order placed already for replacement alps. there is a red on black lcd that is seriously tempting, and there are a couple of tacts that arent very responsive.

    I have seen batchs on Ebay that seem pretty expensive, online research would suggest that ALPS SKHCAC are the parts I need, but have not been able to find (mouser, digikey, rs, farnell, tayda)

    anyone know what part number im looking for here?