Recreate the JP-8000 supersaw

  • Hey guys,

    I'm sure its been discussed before but I wanted to start a thread with the explicit purpose of recreating a JP-80x0 supersaw start-to-finish

    It's hard finding samples of the clean supersaw waveform so that the hypersaw can be sufficiently lined up... AFAIK Supersaws are a 7-waveform stack of unknown (possibly close) detune settings.

    What comes after that? Thinking a slight LP cut to take the edge off the high end (its really hissy), but I feel like the sound becomes dull too quickly. I also feel like there's a certain hollow/tinniness with the hypersaw on the Virus, though I'm not sure if its my monitors (they tend to dry out most anything played through them) or the Virus itself.

    Also what happens after the osc? It sounds really simple, like a reverb and that's it.

    Your thoughts?

    Also, does anyone have any good clean samples of a supersaw before postprocessing?

  • Basically it is best to get a JP-8000 to get this sound... :D

    Maybe second best is getting samples of the original - also I admit I do not like the static character especially of sampled synths too much either - but it's most original anyway.

    Everything else may just come close. Even if it sounds alike you'll never get the feel to play the real thing... which is often what I guess people finally miss, isn't it? :rolleyes:

  • Isn't it basically the same as the Hypersaw on Virus?

    Well, it's a starting point. I'm more after the finished sound.

    I haven't played with any of the attached presets but I found that running the 7x Hypersaw through Uniso x7 with 127 Detune smoothed out the harshness quite a bit. EQ out some of the bottom end (I have ~-2.0 @ 490 hz) and LP the top end a tad with the 4-pole analog filter and it sounds pretty good. I don't want to produce epic trance with this patch (GOD do I hate that stuff) but I do want to add some 90s-rave scene flare