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    Hi i have been using my virus for a long time now... i was in a session and it froze on a patch in multi mode via midi cable slaved to mpc... i cant get it to slave in multi mode for some reason.. i have it set to soft thru, and to external... i dont know if i channged something.. i have tested VC mode i am getting sound with VC but with a midi keyboard or via mpc no info in multi mode or single... just not getting the midi info... any suggestions? what are all the correct midi settings im sure mine are right... what could the problem be? thanks

    mpc midi out


    virus ti2 midi in

    no computer

    multi mode and single receving midi data

    mpc set to midi - port a - channel wokring fine when sending to other synths
    virus ti mulit mode - 0 - midi channel 1- nothing - single mode no message

    i have sexex messages set too and no channel changes and such thanks

    i use ti2 in stand alone multi mode only can u use all 6 out puts in standalone?

    when i select edit - surround - output - then i go to 1-2 and switch from midi instrument 1 to midi 2 then i assgian output to 3-4 but when then my output to midi 1 is set to 3-4 i now for a fact in the VC u can select outs puts for each midi channel is there ANY way to do this on the vc stand alone mode in multi mode.... i really want to use all six outputs with out using a computer?

    plz help me asap

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    i use pt hd i know lots about dsp thats y i bought this synth lol but something just doest seem right ill send them an email

    what makes protools the best daw is the fact there is dsp and i can allocate it. there is no way to monitor dsp in a virus. let alone allocate it, correct me if im wrong but the virus ti have 2 dsp chips.

    but im sure the guys at access put enough dsp to support 16 tracks and efx... also when u have lets say 16 tracks being used they will cut eachother off (which i assume is normal)... i never make it to 16 i just do it the old school way internal layback the track i finish. and mute the existing track. maby ur wrong and im right the virus just cant support 16 tracks. iv noticed very early on.. when u start using arps some time i use up to 3 arps... that's when it turns into a toaster that makes soup.


    wow the verb and efx take up voices and polyphony that is some bull shit... y would it come with 16 midi parts then..... some how i feel like i got riped off now. ill try it out thanks again bro u the man. 1

    o i also noticed it when i have more then 1 instruemnt. at least 4 midi parts. then it goes crazzyyyy'

    maybe i should just buy a snow if the ti cant handle 16 channels at a time.

    i does it both ways.

    pure analog = ti and emx

    and when i use vc iv tested in protools logic and abelton.

    i think it is a hardware problem. has this ever happend to you? just 1 of ur midi patches freezes and a constant saw wave that is unstopable.

    its random too so most the time the ti is working fine.

    i know it has nothing to do with the computer settings (buffering) because it does it in pure stand lone mode. (ti and korg emx)

    maybe it is some midi interference i dunno i know all my midi cc# is fine. i just dont get it.

    im just worried that if i do a live show this would happen to me in the middle of my set.

    thanks heckmat for ur help

    so i was doing a live set and in the middle of my set 1 of my instruments just freezes and all i hear is a saw wave NON STOP - sooo fucking anyoing.. this happens all the time wtf... im useing the virus ti2 purely analong with my korg emx... even in vc this happens... it like freezes 1 of my tracks and all i can hear is a constant saw way.. i always have to turn the virus off and restart it. also i cant stop the way form i keep playing with the adsr trying to make it stop.. there is no deleay or effcts on my patch. i dont know what makes it glitch out , is my ti fucked up should i return it? any one else have these problems. this makes me sooo frustrated i cant even make a track with our the ti glitching out and freezing in the middle of my set.

    it sounds pretty close as far as the osc settings i just dont understand
    the starting part is that a delay or just hows he is playing it in the
    sample its like 2 different sound modulations? how do u get that