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    im in love with os4 MAJOR improvements no longer do i have to wait for the ti to boot in logic it lightning fast. all they really need to fix now is the noise poping and the voccoder

    all u need is 2 ts cables make sure to set your outs via the virus (its in the menu) fire wire will only make midi signals u might want to make a buss of all ur plug in tracks can u can buss all 16 multi to a aux then send that aux to a new stereo track!!! but these is no need for this if u are using midi unless u trying to minimize Ur CPU. with firewire audio runs threw the firewire cable so u will never see audio files from ur midi files the automatic becaomse audio when u bounce in real time. :P

    i dont really use the firewire plug in. i just trigger all my notes via my electrictribe or mpc then the just recored the analog sum of my multi instruments out outs 1 and 2 of my ti. plz be more spefic as what u trying to do? there are many ways to get audio out of your virus

    as far as getting audio in i have no idea but if that didt help just holla

    i have a sm 58 into a ssl e and G seriers channel i/o preamp out of my pre into my access virus ti 2 midi keyboad and 2 analog outs to my daw
    i have gone into my configure window on the virus and set input threw to 127 i have also tried to boost a lill more : no sound
    i load ROm - U- 1-50 voccoder section - no sound

    i try loading my effcets section vocoder 1/4 i try mode in L: no sound (i just hear my voice over it)

    i also go to edit section and inputs and place inut mde into dynamic and input L+R : No sound

    ( ******* I NOW CAN GET SOUND BUT IT SOUNDS LIKE SHIT the noise is internal from the ti i checked my pre and my signal is fine i know i am getting audio to my ti i can hear my self but i have to turn up the lvl input to 127 and BOOST MAX to hear my signal! what is the problem i am using a pre amp but I have to boost so much.all i hear is the ground of the virus ! my signal is LINE LVL i don't know what the deal is!!!

    i go to voc settings u somethings and go threw the patches only hear my voice over the sinewave that never Releases untill i turn the nob down(release). really annyoing:P i make something muiscal wiht the ADSR is say vocoder settings filters yadadablabla : nothing noise floor and shit vocals over an anoying saw wave:

    this shits fucked help me

    im new to my virus and i need some help the directions don't say much i see no forms or anything on on this topic

    but basicaly im having a hard time setting up audio to run threw my virus is this a only digital via plug in the only way? and how would i be able to set it up with the plug in? help me get the voccoder working i have a virus ti 2 uptodate


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