• so i was doing a live set and in the middle of my set 1 of my instruments just freezes and all i hear is a saw wave NON STOP - sooo fucking anyoing.. this happens all the time wtf... im useing the virus ti2 purely analong with my korg emx... even in vc this happens... it like freezes 1 of my tracks and all i can hear is a constant saw way.. i always have to turn the virus off and restart it. also i cant stop the way form i keep playing with the adsr trying to make it stop.. there is no deleay or effcts on my patch. i dont know what makes it glitch out , is my ti fucked up should i return it? any one else have these problems. this makes me sooo frustrated i cant even make a track with our the ti glitching out and freezing in the middle of my set.

  • When it does this, does it display a little note icon in the lower right corner of the lcd? Does it do it on its own (i.e. when it is not receiving anything at all from other devices?)

  • Latency is important even for sending and receiving midi message when you are using with a mac or pc
    i,ve read which you did use two ways for using your virus :
    1-you,ve connected independently to your kord emx
    2-using with Vc

    Does virus freeze without Computer when you connected to your korg?

  • i does it both ways.

    pure analog = ti and emx

    and when i use vc iv tested in protools logic and abelton.

    i think it is a hardware problem. has this ever happend to you? just 1 of ur midi patches freezes and a constant saw wave that is unstopable.

    its random too so most the time the ti is working fine.

    i know it has nothing to do with the computer settings (buffering) because it does it in pure stand lone mode. (ti and korg emx)

    maybe it is some midi interference i dunno i know all my midi cc# is fine. i just dont get it.

    im just worried that if i do a live show this would happen to me in the middle of my set.

    thanks heckmat for ur help

  • ok,it seems your virus dsp or polyphony get full ...when you play more than 3 or 4 part at the same time..
    i didn't problem with mc-909 at stand alone mode ,i just faced with less polyphony ,and if i load more patches
    then some of them will not play together ...

  • That is absurd to me :) Maxing out the available polyphony would not trigger a note and it has never done it on my Virus. Contact support via e.mail asap.

    Also, go out and read a bit about DSP synthesizers with dynamic voice engine. EVERY feature consumes a bit of poly. Not only on the Virus, not only the FX :) You'll learn something and understand that nobody ripped you off.

  • i use pt hd i know lots about dsp thats y i bought this synth lol but something just doest seem right ill send them an email

    what makes protools the best daw is the fact there is dsp and i can allocate it. there is no way to monitor dsp in a virus. let alone allocate it, correct me if im wrong but the virus ti have 2 dsp chips.

    but im sure the guys at access put enough dsp to support 16 tracks and efx... also when u have lets say 16 tracks being used they will cut eachother off (which i assume is normal)... i never make it to 16 i just do it the old school way internal layback the track i finish. and mute the existing track. maby ur wrong and im right the virus just cant support 16 tracks. iv noticed very early on.. when u start using arps some time i use up to 3 arps... that's when it turns into a toaster that makes soup.


  • Yes you are correct in the fact that you probably can't get the Virus do 16 parts at once (please, really try it on every other 16 part synth and tell me the results :) I know I can't go more than 5 on most synths I played, between 3 and 6 on my uQ, between 7 and 12 on my Virus) but those things are normal and that's why I suggested you read a bit about DSP synths (not strictly DSP chips). There are some designs with a fixed number of voices in which, no matter what, you'll always get the same amount of voices - such a design might seem good but as there's no way to always have a thousand voices in DSP you never get much multitimbrality at a time. Flexible designs, like the Virus, allow for very variable voice counts and can give you different results depending on voice complexity. This should point you in the direction of using the multi modes with a bit of pre-thinking: just don't load everything at once, try to keep some sounds simple (btw, 8 complex sounds ALL AT ONCE are a good way to make a mix sound like shite) and so on. Balance your even numbered and odd numbered parts (In the Virus, one of the DSPs does parts 1-3-5-7.. and the other does 2-4-6-8...).

    When working with hardware you have to integrate it in your workflow, you can't expect it to work that close to a plugin. TI is notably close, but the sound generation is still made in the hardware and that's where hardware gets you. That's what people should read for and be prepared for. And that's what most people complaining have never done and are not ready to accept. Not your case, but a very common case.

    To your specifical matter - maxing out the polyphony has never caused stuck notes on my Virus. I had it happen a couple of times and it turns out my keyboard didn't send the Note Off - probably its cpu was doing too much things and the data got messed. Try to do a couple of things: play the Virus as you would normally, but keep an eye on the lcd: the lower right corner gives you info about receiving notes (a "full" note means it's receiving notes on the current midi channel, an "empty" one indicates it's receiving notes on another channel). Also, Complexity meter: upper right corner, the meter there indicates the complexity of a path - try not to load too many sounds with 5 bars, and balance them between even and odd parts. Try to understand what is going wrong. If you can't figure it out, e-mail support as soon as you can, they're helpful and can both point you to the right direction or understand if the problem is not something related to what you do. All I can say as a user, is that it's not the normal behavior of the Virus. I've been hogging it until it couldn't handle any more notes and still have it work as supposed with the normal voice drops, no random sounds or failures.