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    Obviously you have to add portamento to your sound, the 4 different mono modes will control which way your sound will react to the style of playing.- if the glide will happen on overlaps only or everytime, and if/which envelopes are going to retrigger when there's note overlaps. Pretty easy to figure out by yourself just trying out every mono mode with portamento active on a basic patch. Also, very quick way to choose poly/mono 1/2/3/4 modes is just shift+mono on the synth panel if you happened to miss it.

    It's a registry value to be changed, someone pointed it out in a very old thread. But as Marc suggested, sadly FL can not deal with PDC correctly (and they decided the end user can't do it manually) and so even using the multi out interface it will mess up the timing for every track.

    You have to enable the "3 outputs" option in Virus Control (under Patch Utility / Config). Also, you have to map all of the 3 stereo outputs to 3 different mixer channels in FL Studio.

    If you're trying to load Virus Control while Virus Control Center is open there's your problem. Close VCC first and then your device will be available for the VST interface to connect to it

    If I read your post correctly you are trying to offline render your song - you can't do that with an instrument that only plays in real time. You have to do a real time bounce - I.E. open an instance of Edison as the last plug-in on your master bus and have it record the track.

    "FreqShifter Frequency" doesn't work as a destination in the Modulation Matrix any more with certain Mod Sources: for example, it works correctly with any of the LFOs set as a source, it doesn't work (there's no FreqShifter Frequency modulation) when the source is set as Amp Env or Filter Env. It doesn't seem to be working with AnaKeys Fine, either.

    Sent this also to support (case number is e54caf18 ) - this is both in standalone and with Virus Control.

    I probably already said that in my country the price has always stayed the same.

    There's a reason the buttons are not exceptionally "straight" and in line (they are at the same height and aligned, though) - they need to be that way so you can avoid a mis-pression every time you don't push them dead center and completely vertically, i.e. every time you press one :)
    They would be annoying as hell and probably noisier than one could stand, too

    Ruari: I wasn't talking about you, but I was certainly referring at many users - it's the thing that hurts me the most about the Virus...there's so much complaining about it everywhere at any time that it makes me ask myself questions about the human being. This forum in particular seems to have loads of people saying either the instrument is buggy and unusable (rendering the people that have actual major problems like a lot of detuning an unheard minority) or that the updates are taking too long to release, only to go back at "bugged unusable why does this crap cost 5000$" stage a few hours later.

    For people who only attend this forum trying to help other users it's frustrating and unnecessary. I'm almost sick of trying to deal with it and I'm sure I'm not alone in this.

    As for the updates: I want all the features Access can pack in the Virus as well. I'd love if, when "discontinued" (I wonder what that will cause) or, better said, "superseded", it will be because the current hardware can't have any more stuff going on. What I find different is that I can wait for it to happen - I want the features but when I decided to finally buy a Virus the current OS was 2.7.5 - I would have bought it if it the OS had to remain the same forever because I liked what the Virus did in that incarnation. Quite a bit of stuff has been added in the meanwhile and I'm sure there's still space for improvements, I really, really want moar but I can wait. Let them do their work and things are bound to be smoother then if they were in a rush.

    Also: USE the support form in the main site to inform them of every bug you find, so they know what is going on. Reporting on the forum will make other users know the bug so they can test it and such, but it's important that that kind of information reaches the devs, not "only" Marc who can't do everything alone.

    Always the same: complainers complaining about the release not being soon enough and then two days later complaining that is buggy and unusable ;)
    If I ever sell my Virus it will be either for funding another (or some health related expense) or for getting rid of this.