FL Studio 12 rendering problems

  • So... I got an Acces Virus TI2 Keyboard a while ago. I hooked it up on my laptop, installed it, updated OS, installed VST and drivers, etc you get the idea.

    Using the Virus USB ASIO driver works almost fine and the VST playing the notes in FL Studio 12 works aswell. But after it finished rendering the song it plays the sound/melody very quickly for like... half a second? And when I open the rendered audio file, it sounds laggy. I have attached it in a zip file so you can get an idea what I mean.

  • If I read your post correctly you are trying to offline render your song - you can't do that with an instrument that only plays in real time. You have to do a real time bounce - I.E. open an instance of Edison as the last plug-in on your master bus and have it record the track.