Help someone know how to make a slide legato on virus

  • Help someone know how to make a slide legato on virus?
    It's very common effect on sylenth1 it's very simple:

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    In Virus at the common tab there are :mono1,mono2,mono3,mono4,I try all of them and I can't get the slide effect....
    Thank you for any help!!!!

  • Are you talking about Portamento? Try turning up the portamento for a mono part. [Shift + Semitone knob]. The portamento time will affect glide time to the next note. Don't see a way to change that behavior on the TI2 to use note overlap mode. Note overlaps DO affect the filter envelope trigger, so you may want to also use that. If there's another way to do overlapped note glides then I am curious to know what it is. If it's not there we should add that to a wishlist :);)

  • Obviously you have to add portamento to your sound, the 4 different mono modes will control which way your sound will react to the style of playing.- if the glide will happen on overlaps only or everytime, and if/which envelopes are going to retrigger when there's note overlaps. Pretty easy to figure out by yourself just trying out every mono mode with portamento active on a basic patch. Also, very quick way to choose poly/mono 1/2/3/4 modes is just shift+mono on the synth panel if you happened to miss it.