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    The "Interference" problem wouldn't be solved with TRS cables because the amp doesn't have balanced inputs (therefore not summing the phase-shifted signals).

    Excuse me for this intervention but the fact that you "just bought it" means to me that you've not even had the time to try and fix the situation. The TI isn't a magical piece of hardware that can be used in whatever computer situation. Like every USB device that streams lots of data, (Sound Cards, Graphic Acquisition Cards, Video streaming) it needs a correct setup in order to work. There's a whole document called the Setup Guide which guides the user through correcting bandwidth issues and sharing USB ports which I highly suggest you read. The high price of a Virus TI also comes with one of the best support services I've met in my "customer" life. Very quick and precise in addressing user troubles. You can contact it through the form on the main website…ontact_and_resources.html

    Rest assured that other users like me aren't having fun of those of us who have problems with their system but can do very little to help in such situations when there's more complaining that actual data to work on, for example the system's full specs.

    Deactivate the phantom power (switch on the back)
    Turn off the pads on the front inputs and switch them from instrument to Line level (buttons need to be pushed in)
    Connect 6.3" Jack cables from Virus TI OUT1 L/R to the front inputs in the Fast Track, set up your software and your M-Audio drivers accordingly.

    I don't really understand what's the problem. Just like the current TI superseded the earlier models, another product will probably be the top range/flagship in the next few years (I'm personally assuming 2012 but who am I?). Whatever processor(s) they'll decide to use the new model will probably enough have features that are off-limits for the current models. It's always been that way. You haven't bought your synth based on the features it might have supported in the future or hoping Access wouldn't update their range for 10 years, I think :) It will always be the same powerful synthesizer, and should you desire the "next" one you will buy it if you can afford it.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm always hoping that the current hardware will receive new features for some more time since I don't see too many limitations in it (actually the thing I find asking myself the most is "how long will the Virus Control for TI1 / TI2 be supported? how many future computer OS will it be compatible with?") but it will come a time when the current models will be replaced.

    HTH. In Hypersaw mode, Sub Osc Volume basically becomes a "balance" between Hypersaws and Hypersubs/hypersquares levels. So, with density = 1 and Sub Osc = 127 you're effectively having a single hypersquare.

    Ciao. Devi avere un sequencer che gestisca il sysex o un'utility di quel tipo. Vai in multimode, premi CONFIG, premi "PARAMETERS >" fino a quando non arrivi alla pagina "Transmit MIDI dump", con il Soft Knob 1 selezioni "Type: Multis" e poi con STORE avvii il dump.

    I don't know, sorry. It seems to occur to some Keyboard and Polar models (I've seen like 10 in the whole forum?). I deliberately leave my Desktop turned on and connected to the keyboard and the amp sometimes (idling) and I've never encountered the behavior.

    It means that if you intentionally or by chance change patches (pressing patch > or <, or switching banks, or shit+soft knobs) you will lose your edits, so you would want to store the patch in a safe location

    If I recall correctly, an update can give you the additional banks by erasing the demo song. I'm not really sure about that. What I'm sure about is that your Virus is out of date. The latest OS is 6.6 BETA, released in Feb 2010. You can grab it HERE

    You can find the latest stable OS (6.5) HERE, and general stuff (manuals, tuts, sounds) HERE and selecting the appropriate categories.

    (and OS 4.5 :!: ).
    Well, I don't think Access will disappoint customers and release new hardware too soon after introducing a new model/color scheme (especially looking and hearing how much the current Virus still has to give). Maybe even the suppositions about a new Virus in early 2012 are too "short-termed" (at least until the current Virus gets to OS 6 and it's totally packed with awesome sauce) ?