multi mode midi and single midi not working via "midi cable"

  • Hi i have been using my virus for a long time now... i was in a session and it froze on a patch in multi mode via midi cable slaved to mpc... i cant get it to slave in multi mode for some reason.. i have it set to soft thru, and to external... i dont know if i channged something.. i have tested VC mode i am getting sound with VC but with a midi keyboard or via mpc no info in multi mode or single... just not getting the midi info... any suggestions? what are all the correct midi settings im sure mine are right... what could the problem be? thanks

    mpc midi out


    virus ti2 midi in

    no computer

    multi mode and single receving midi data

    mpc set to midi - port a - channel wokring fine when sending to other synths
    virus ti mulit mode - 0 - midi channel 1- nothing - single mode no message

    i have sexex messages set too and no channel changes and such thanks

  • Begin making sure Single mode works. Until then, don't try Multi mode. Check the following:
    - There's just a single one MIDI cable from MPC (Out) to Virus (In). Unplug any other cable (except power)
    - Disable Soft Thru. You don't need this.
    - Set Global Channel to 1 and do the same with MPC
    - Try setting Midi Clock to Internal Sync (I'm not shure if MPC sends MIDI Clock) and change to Sync to External until you success with internal sync.
    - Set Local to on.

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  • I'd try changing the MIDI device ID from the config menu (try all available values 1-16 and omni). Local on controls the connection between the unit's keyboard and the synth engine - if it is a keyboard unit. Regarding the MIDI port check the MIDI cable with different devices, and use a vacuum cleaner to try and suck out dust that may have gathered in the port.
    Good luck.

  • Before getting to the point where you have to take several pictures showing your configuration with detail, consider that several controllers have selective MIDI output: USB or MIDI Ports. Maybe, the MPC is configured to transmit by USB and not by MIDI Port.

    Access Virus TI2 Polar Darkstar, Korg Kronos 88, Roland MB-8800 :thumbup: