VIRUS TI2 STANDALONE outputs 3-4 and 5-6????

  • i use ti2 in stand alone multi mode only can u use all 6 out puts in standalone?

    when i select edit - surround - output - then i go to 1-2 and switch from midi instrument 1 to midi 2 then i assgian output to 3-4 but when then my output to midi 1 is set to 3-4 i now for a fact in the VC u can select outs puts for each midi channel is there ANY way to do this on the vc stand alone mode in multi mode.... i really want to use all six outputs with out using a computer?

    plz help me asap

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  • Multi mode > Multi edit > select the part you want to use on a different output > navigate the multi edit menu with the PARAMETERS<> arrows until you find the page with OUTPUT, TRANSPOSE, DETUNE.

    Select the desired output using soft knob 1.