virus ti keeps resyncing

  • hi guys,

    my virus ti desktop keeps resyncing the factory rom banks everytime i load it in logic 8.2 with OSX 10.6.3.

    any suggestions as to why its doing this? even after a restart it still does it. Anytime the virus plugin is reopened it welcomes me to the virus ti again and i click dont show message then it wants to resync banks.

    any help would be great

  • I had the same issue when I first updated. It was driving me crazy as it took me over 20 minutes to synch each time! God forbid I crashed I would have to go through the process all over again.

    To fix it, I found a post from Access support that said to re-apply the latest OS update to the Virus. So launch Control Center, go to the last tab and reapply the latest update. That fixed it for me. Hope it works for you.