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    I don't think removing any UAD cards is going to help in that matter with this being the case wouldn't you agree? The Two Intel based USB controllers are where the problem lies with the Ti, it is where the MP3 file came from when the Ti is played when connected to said ports.

    It looks that your setup is fairly complex. Analyzing the problem from the outside is very difficult. In order to work on that problem, I would reduce the complexity, the first thing would be removing any thing that creates substantial load on the PCI bus.

    I have ran DPC Latency checker while experiencing the noise issue and it always remains very low, in the green, so I didn't think any DPC spikes were occuring to cause the noise heard in the MP3 file.

    In my opinion, the DPC latency checks do not provide much that would help you in this case. Similar to read out the memory consumption of a DAW on a modern OS it only tells a fraction of the entire story.

    EDIT.. I thought I should mention again, as far as I can tell with the Renesas/NEC USB3 ports, noise is not a concern. I have only had limited testing, but as far as I could tell it was quite clean and very little noise (clicks, pops, crackles) could be found if any.

    The "connecting" problem seems to be a completely different problem, which could be solved separately. Actually, what you write is leading me to the hint that you might try a different USB2 PCI card, one that does have a different manufacturer (NEC or so).
    I had the Virus in the last years on many many machines and I only had problems with one machine, an old HP XE4500 laptop, which had USB problems all along anyway (unfixable).


    Hi Fringe,

    as I see from the MSINFO file you've sent, IRQ16 is sharing an UAD-1, an UAD-2 Card, the GTX Graphic adapter as well as one of the onboard USB Controllers.
    It is possible that this causes the problem since the IRQ times/DPC times rise too high when the computer handles all IRQ requests. This could lead to such "stutter" effects as heard in the mp3.

    You could, for a test, remove the UAD cards temporary the check, if the behaviour changes.

    With the USB3-Card we have not much experience, but it might be worth a try to get an real USB2-PCI card with no other things attached (like Firewire etc.) and check how that works out better.

    Let us know how this turns out.


    First, check if there is MIDI communication at all: there should be a little "knob"-icon in the display, if controllers are being received.

    Also, check the setting in "CONFIG/MIDI Control": "Page A" should be set to "Controller Data" (not to "Sysex").

    Check that the "Amount" in the modmatrix is set to a reasonable value that can affect the destination (like "-64" to "Filter 1 Cutoff").


    Another problem ive discovered right now. I updated firmware and now when i change presets, sometime i choose one and start to play and some parameters like OSC Balance or even OSC Semitone changing itself like some little randomize. Usually before with my first virus TI ive never had such a problems.

    Moderators can help me with this? My new TI2 is 2 weeks old)))

    You should contact support to sort this out. Usually parameters don't change by themselves. It is possible you are sending controllers to Virus Control? Does (during the change) a popup window appear on the LCD?


    I have the same problem...for a long time now...didn't use the TI for a long time because of this....but today tried installing everything once again,new OS and all,so i had hopes they would finally have solved this problem...but no,still the same problems...after installation it seemed to work fine...but when i restarted the project i got the same error message...again tried all the usual stuff : total reboot,TI reboot and all that crap...

    What does the error message say?

    Half a year ago i contacted support and they didn't tell me anything i didn't try already...after a couple of mails they didn't even answer me back again...and i was really dissapointed in the way that they helped me,pretty basic answers,even suggesting things i already did and explained...and being slow in answers and pretty unfriendly... :thumbdown:

    I heavily doubt 'unfriendly'. Please let us know the ticket number.

    Also had support from some specialists in PC music,they couldn't help either...but what a couple of them said is that Windows XP doesn't allow so much updates from one device...and since the TI and his drivers are updated so much,it could be the cause of the problems...even tried changing stuff deep inside Windows,but this also didn't work for me (altho it worked for some others)...

    Sorry, that is nonsense. Components are updated, but there is no "update limit". In this case, my machine would need to be installed every week. You also shouldn't tinker "deep inside windows". Our machines are all standard installs (for XP: use SP3).

    So,if anyone has some good solution for this problem (not a workaround) please step forward... ;)

    Well, first, you need to let us know the error message you are getting, also, a full spec of your machine would be good (use msinfo32 to gather that). With all that, address support again.


    Use the backup/restore feature of the Virus Control Center.

    You can also create new bank files in your patches folder and drag&drop the patches over.


    The "Virus TI Setup Guide" is available at the small "?" icon at the lower right corner of the Virus Control window, also in the documentation folder in your start menu. Additionally, it is available in the download section of the access website.
    Also there is a copy in the ZIP file of the OS download, right beside the MSI file. Oh, and there is also a sticky post in the trouble shooting section of this forum.

    In the documentation are also some videos and specific tutorials for the supported sequencers. You can download the whole video stuff in the download section of the access website.


    The Virus Soundcard is 1 Stereo In/ 1 Stereo Out. This does not change.
    If you change the setting in Virus Control, Virus Control gets more outputs and possibly an input. The channels get aquired from the soundcard functionaliy, therefore the ASIO INPUT will silence if you enable 3 outputs in Virus Control and the ASIO OUTPUT will silence if you enable the input in Virus Control.


    I contacted support for help with this issue twice, but they don't seem to respond to my request for assistance. ?(
    Can i perform a manual un-install of the existing drivers and software?

    Can anyone help me with this? I'm stuck at version unless someone can help me with this.


    First, check your spam filter for the messages from the access helpdesk.
    Second, you could post the issue ID you have got after your support request, so we can take a look.

    Regarding uninstallation: Go to the "Add or remove Programs" control panel (on Windows 7 it's called "Uninstall Programs") and remove it from there. Leave the Virus disconnected until the new installations says to connect it.


    OK i tried to do a sample test for every one and guess what i cant export audio using the analog outs ahhhhhhhhhh,

    and i cant record the audio channels either, the only thing that works is the USB outs when i bounce down the audio.

    I'm not sure what you would have expected? Of course bouncing ("exporting audio") does only work via USB.
    If you set a part to "analog out", audio goes to analog out. You need then to connect the analog output to the analog inputs of your soundcard, bringing those A/D converters into the game as well (so another variable influencing the 'sound').


    I guess it's because Access makes unclear statements about some things that make people suspicious what might be hidden. Even if the sound is great people expect some numbers they think are a must nowadays - but are very probably not there...

    Oh, conspiracy again. :rolleyes:

    Look, to shorten the thread: the sound generated is exactly the same but what can affect the sound is the difference between the converters (the Virus vs. your Soundcard). Also, some hosts to post processing by itself (like dithering the output to gain some loudness). Additionally, volume differences can lead you into the wrong direction, also mixers do affect the sound as well as the characteristics of your speakers.

    All the _other_ factors are way larger affecting the sound than the Virus analog outputs vs. the USB transmission.

    Regarding numbers: We are constantly improving things, giving you a number about something to a certain point in time which can be obsolete a few weeks later is counterproductive. Usually they get interpreted in a partially wrong way (like this discussion).