• Hi, ive just purchased a new laptop running windows 7 and im having problems running my virus desktop TI2, everything loads up and syncs ok but when i begin creating tracks I experience crackles and sync errors. Ive previously used my TI2 with Cubase SX3 on Windows xp32bit and had fewer problems.

    Ive upgraded due to a broken laptop and I was hoping to overcome problems with quantizing my tracks that I had with CUBASE SX3. Although the quantize issues have been resolved by using cubase 5.1.1 on windows 7, the sync/crackle problem is by far worse.

    Im guessing windows 7 does not support my virus even operating system 4 thats just come out. Is this the case as all my settings seem to be set correct and the laptop is more than powerful. This is such a shame as cubase 5 is perfect for me and windows 7 is what I have now. If this is the case then how long will it be before Access have a fix as I need to make some productions asap.

  • The "Virus TI Setup Guide" is available at the small "?" icon at the lower right corner of the Virus Control window, also in the documentation folder in your start menu. Additionally, it is available in the download section of the access website.
    Also there is a copy in the ZIP file of the OS download, right beside the MSI file. Oh, and there is also a sticky post in the trouble shooting section of this forum.

    In the documentation are also some videos and specific tutorials for the supported sequencers. You can download the whole video stuff in the download section of the access website.


  • will this free up cpu power for my virus then. Im looking into usb area on my laptop at the mo as im aware the sync and crackle issues are down to interruptions in the usb communication between the laptop and virus. Any hints on fixing this side? The virus setup download - usb explanation has confused me. There are internal and external usb hubs. How do I dedicate them to my virus. ?(