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    So, are the other OS4 parameters (Distortion mode, Speaker Cabinet and ArpToMatrix) still available in the Desktop menus?

    Arp>Matrix is an Arpeggiator mode, hit [ARP EDIT], turn the "Value 1" knob to the right until you see "Arp>Matrix". Note that you need to select "Arp Input" in the [MATRIX SELECT] menu as source in a slot to make it work.
    The frequency shifter is in the lower FX section. Hit [LOWER FX EDIT] twice (the display headline might read "Vocoder", then hit [PARAMETERS >] until it reads "Frequency Shifter 1/1".
    The new Distortion modes are in the Distortion Section, hit [LOWER FX SELECT] , the LED "DISTORTION" should blink now. Turn the "Value 1" knob until you "Mint Overdrive" etc. These are the new Distortion effects.

    It is all there. :) If you need further help, read the manual and address the access support.


    Hi Chris,

    Cubase uses a very high latency setting by default (5520 Samples iirc).
    Make sure you are using a native ASIO driver (for a test, use the Virus ASIO driver) and make sure the buffer is set to less or equal 512 samples (in the Virus ASIO driver, this is "normal" or faster...

    For more help, please address the Access Support.


    I would really like the installer for 64 bit Windows just to humor myself in trying out my theory

    I heavily doubt that it will help you in any way, since the has only changes in the installation routine.
    When installing the 4.0 or the just make sure you really have the correct VST plugin folder selected so that the plugin DLL get really replaced.


    It seems like a lot of hassle to have to set up each perimeter up every time. Is there a way to set every thing up once? Maybe set up a template. Why isn't every thing already ready to go straight out of the box?

    You can also just edit these settings in your profile


    you might have a read on the "Programming Analogue Synths" tutorial that gets installed with the Virus TI software, read chapter 4, "The TB303 in your Virus".


    Hey, by the way, how is everyone able to quote previous posts in white boxes but when I used the quote link it never comes out that way? What am I not doing?

    When you post (or in your profile) you can find "Smileys / Settings / Attachments / Poll" at the bottom of the text input, click in "Settings" and check "Enable BBCode in this message".



    USB3.0 supports older USB2.0 and 1.1 devices, but connectors will be different (USB3.0 has additional lines defined), so hubs might provide two types of connectors then. So, any "legacy" USB device will be able to work.
    But currently, there is only one USB3.0 host chip and (AFAIR) only 2 USB3.0 devices, also, we can't predict how reliable the first generations of USB3.0 hosts will be.

    Nevertheless, the Virus will work, but won't be able to use any new features (speed, power modes etc.) from USB3.0.

    Find these links for more information about USB and USB3.0:


    Ableton Live was (up to version 8.0.2) only able to handle 128 parameters at a time. Therefore, Virus Control allows you to map parameters to the automation. In the latest Live versions, the parameters of a plugin are hidden by default. To automate parameters, you need to take two steps now:

    1) right-click on a parameter in the Virus Control window to add a parameter to the automation (please read the Virus Control manual)
    2) in ableton live, click on the little triangle in the plugin panel (which points down), now it will point to the right and a button "configure" appears (Read the Ableton Live manual for this)
    3) press configure, go to the Virus Control window and click on a parameter you want to automate (note, that you need to add it to the Virus Control Automation Map first, see step 1)

    Unfortunately, this is a bit quirky, but can not be properly solved without breaking compatibility to songs from older Ableton Live songs.


    Update: Found the problem, at least for Logic.
    For Logic, under Preferences -> Audio, there's two buffers: I/O Buffer, and Process Buffer Range. Process Buffer Range had been set to Large (due to some non-Virus related troubleshooting), and setting it back to Small fixed the out of sync and crackling noise issues.
    I'll admit to a bit of egg on my face, since setting the process buffer range to small is in step 1 of the "How to Use your Virus TI with Logic" tutorial.
    Hopefully Cubase has something similar.

    Cubase uses the buffer size of the audio card to render the plugin. Logic does use a multiple of the audio buffer size as process range.