32bit and 64bit

  • Hi , i have a XP 32bit partition with v. 32 bit working fine.
    I am starting migrating to WIN7 64 bit now so i am planning to install 64 bit on a different partition
    Will the installer suite update the ti hardware as well as installing drivers etc?
    And if so will i be able to use my virus in the 32bit partition then?

    ps... i remember a time when i tried to use my Ti in both my PC and Macbook(after installing the necessary software of course)
    and it was a total disaster,i had to re tune Virus.! :(
    Since then i only use it on PC.

  • virus software suite will install the 64bit drivers and 64bit Vsti plugin on win7 64bit ....
    but if you want to use 64bit VC plugin you have to run it on 64bit DAW ....
    but if you have 32bit daw you should install 32bit VC plugin instead of 64bit...
    so as i know Microsoft is using ntfs partition for windows ,and 64 or 32 bit,it doesn't relate with partition

  • You'll be able to use your Virus on both systems - the Installer will see the TIOS is already up-to-date and will only install/update the drivers

    Yes, that's what happened ! Everything worked fine..
    For the record, i am using the 32bit version of Cubase 5.5 on Win7 64bit.
    Thank you both for answering