My Virus TI2 lags when I switch patches

  • Is it normal for my Virus to lag when I'm switching patches? It does it *constantly* and happens regardless of whether I'm using the program change knob or the buttons. What's causing this and how can I fix it? If the Virus TI2 is so uber powerful why can't it carry its own weight... I'm running the latest OS

  • Indeed - but it used to be much smoother (although I know there are newer features) - I have no issue with the time taken, really, only that it's jumpy and can jump over patches sometimes...

  • I don't think it helps that my patch change buttons have half worn out which means the debouncing may not be good enough - the patch loading still seems a bit clunky anyway...

  • Quoted from "Symm" Same for me with TI2 Polar, latest OS - sometimes lag of 2 or 3 seconds.

    i haven't seen 2-3 seconds so far, patch changing shouldn't take that long.
    Thanks for the response. I just saw it.
    The 2 or 3 second lag when changing patches is intermittent. I can scroll through a series of patches (maybe 20 or 30) then the "freeze" will occur.
    The next time it might move through a whole bank without a slow-down, then it can happen again. A restart isn't a reliable fix -though sometimes after a restart the problem is gone. The next session it may not happen at all - or it may not happen for several sessions - then crop up again.
    Also (1)a random crackle or (2)a sudden "dropout" (like on an effect tail -while only a few notes played) can ruin a recording. This is very intermittent too and might not happen at all in a particular session (it can happen on untweaked ROM patches).
    I always use a good power conditioner/surge protector use the synth in a climate controlled studio with limited gigging (It's protected with a road worthy case and moved carefully). These symptoms happened before and after upgrade to the current OS.
    I've thought about getting service but I'm afraid it won't exhibit the problem when tested and I need it every session and gig - it's my favorite synth. In fact after owning 20 or more synths over the past 15 years it's the best I've ever had, so for now I try to work around the unpleasant surprises when they happen. Maybe it will like the next OS better. Thanks again.

  • The sudden dropouts sounds familiar - about 1 time in 10 for starting up the virus, after playing the first few notes you will get a dropout of everything as if you just hit the panic button (or at least what the panic button is supposed to do)..

    Also, i guess unrelated, booting into multis never works - you have to switch patch then back again (note ranges are wrong and sometimes patches are wrong, etc.) - annoying if someone power cycles your virus without telling you....

  • I had a similar issue with really slow patch changes so I changed back to OS and when I change patches it scrolls through without any delay or hangover from previous patch. Seems to be an issue with OS and on. Maybe developers should try to address this with the new beta system as I am happy to stay with till they get the next one right.