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    The de installation guide is useless in this circumstance. I did mange to find a fix which No ONE on this thread has suggested after 4 hours.

    You do not need to roll back . You do not need to Fresh install windows or delete anything. The problem is the software package and the previous versions .

    The easy fix is to Install the version you want and put the VST's where you want them,

    BUT DO NOT CONNECT your Virus when asked. Complete the install without connecting your virus.

    After the restart click OK after it has not found the virus and wait until PC is normal , THEN CONNECT the Virus.

    THE USB drivers will install and all should be good to go.

    If it has issues finding the drivers then you manually install them. At least the software is installed and you can look for the drivers (3 sets) in the Access folder and do then manually.

    Much better than being frustrated for hours or waiting 2 weeks for Tech support to let you know it is YOUR problem not their software.

    The drivers are not that difficult to install. Took me 5 minutes after spending nearly 4 hours trying to install dodgy software.

    I am not an isolated case going by this old thread and had the same issue 9 months ago but forgot what the fix was as NO ONE has posted what I have done to fix this software glitch.

    I have now updated to 5.03 and have the TI working in my DAW. ( wont try 5.04 till the bugs are ironed out).

    Hopefully this helps those with the same issue and lack of easy fix :thumbup: :thumbup:

    Sorry to drag up old thread but still having the same issue with trying to get new installer working. I can't remember what I did but it did work 6 months ago but stopped . I would have thought Access would have a fix for this by now . I have sent a ticket in to have someone get back to me in the next four weeks but was hoping some one here would have a solution.
    I have uninstalled and deleted files from the System 32 repository and checked the registry but to no avail.
    Can someone that now what they are doing PLEASE HELP.
    Can't really wait 4 weeks for support to get back to me

    Would it be possible for Access to have a hardware update that is easily implemented by the service centres to update the USB2 to USB 2 HIGH SPEED specs?? May solve a lot of issues with the TI setup and also allow for more advanced future software upgrades. Can't be too hard to bring the Virus on par with most of the hardware USB controllers. :thumbup:

    I have managed to rollback to the previous version and the control panel and updater work fine. The VST for my DAW doesn't work but really who has got theirs working anyway.
    So I will keep the previous version 4.5.30 and just record line outs to my DAW like I do with my hardware synths and have done with the virus all along.
    Its a shame as some of the new features could be useful, but I'd rather have the TI working rather than not.
    Thanks for all the suggestions and help and again pity it didn't work

    Why would the previous update work and not the latest?? Can't be a conflict if installer is the same. I understand where you are coming from but the install is 2 months old and is a dedicated Music PC with no other crap installed on it. I thought the same as you but after the previous update installs with no issue all I can think it has to be a problem with the latest update.

    No I don't think it can be a conflict as the previous version installs no issues. I unistalled it and works fine so why would there be a conflict??. The O'S was installed two months ago and I class as fresh.
    Has to be a software issue with the latest release

    Just an update on the update. I have succesfully installed 4.5.30 wihout any BSOD or end prematurely. So it is an obvious issue with the software for the latest release being corrupted.
    Glad its not an issue with my PC.
    So the boys in the back room need to work a little harder to get this new release right as there must be quite a few unhappy campers with a release that works like an Alpha .
    Snap to it boys . I'm not a happy camper :(

    5.0.2 is a release version

    best, marc

    So that means no bugs and no glitches and no noises that shouldn't be there as had happened with the Beta version. And does this mean we have perfect integration as we all hoped. Just don't want to load this and then have to rollback then reformat the PC to get version 4 working properly. :?:

    I have been waiting for OS5 to have reported as loading fine with No ISSUES before I update from OS4. I now have downloaded both beta versions ready to install but I keep reading issues that some people have had and then rolling back to OS4.
    So officially can I install OS5 and expect no issues or as its says its still a Beta version use at your own risk??
    I like some of the new features but don't want to stuff around and have a failure and then reinstall the old OS and then reinstall WIN7 for a successfull rollback.
    So can anyone from ACCESS (Marc) offer some guarantee that OS5 will install without any major issues (WIN 7 64Bit).
    Tom :?:

    I am having trouble getting these two to work at
    the same time in FL Sudio on WIN7 . I am running the latest Asio drivers and
    they both work with everything else.
    I have both using seperate USB ports (PCIe usb3 for the Virus and gigabyte Z68 motherboard USB3 port).
    I used the USB 3 ports as nothing else is using them and I know they are not USB 3 devices.
    I have also changed the USB settings in the Power settings section. I have an
    M-Audio AP 192 sound card and in the Asio control panel I have activated all
    three devices but the Tascam and Virus wont work together.
    Anyone have any suggestion I can try?

    I'm using fl's piano roll to play the virus, it's all quantized so by rights it should be all in time. I tried turning the analogue boost to 0, it didn't do anything. I initially tried to record the midi track to audio while it was solo'd and the notes were still slightly out of time. I'll try my other interface and see if its my midi sound card lagging or something.
    Also what is "2 in / no out" mode?

    I'm using my virus ti2 to make a house track with a simple chord progression. When i sequence the chords in a midi track the fiter envelope seems to trigger each note at a slightly different time and it ruins the transient of the chord. is there any way to make the filter envelope only trigger once for the whole chord as apposed to triggering each note separately.
    Thanks, Tom.

    Hi and welcome to the Club. Nice to know there are other Aussies that have been Infected. Where abouts are you located?? Similar tastes in music and I live on the Sunny Coast Qld with a TI2 desktop plus a few other analog and digital synths as well as some other analog and digital outboard gear.
    I recently purchased some third party patches and if you can't find the sound you want by tweaking that is the way to go.
    Cheers Tom :)

    Well just an update . After reloading the software update from 4.05.01 to the latest 4.5.300 for the 5th time it finally allows me to scroll thru the patches without any delay or stuttering . It works the same as the older software. Not sure what the issue was as it always updated ok but had problems. So now it looks like I can utilise the latest features of 4.5.300.
    Just need to get the extremely loose volume knob fixed before it falls off,

    I am having anissue with multi mode where I wish to delete the patches and information for some of the mulit but can't seem to find where or how I delete the information or wipe the multi all together to start from scratch. The manual doesn't have any information on how to delete sounds from the multi patch. I have a few that were done a while ago by someone and just want to delete the multi patch.
    Can anyone help?