NRPN values from 0-164

  • I am making a remote template to control my DSI Tetra's and LFO freq has a value range from 0-166 if i enter a midi string of ( B0 63 00 B0 62 25 B0 06 00 B0 26 *) in virus remote it will change LFO freq value from 0-127
    but to get to the values from 128-166 have to change the midi string too (B0 63 00 B0 62 25 B0 06 01 B0 26 *) i dont want to have to use two separate knobs for one parameter but i dont see any other way.

    Does anyone know a better way?

  • I have the same problem with template for Akai Miniak, which has even more peculiar NRPN ranges, for example from 16377 to 7 (yes, 16377 is the minimum, they have spiced up the MIDI implementation with this signed/unsigned nonsense) -- is there any way how to make virus send those values, or are we just out of luck with these "nonstandard" devices and the knobs can only send values in the range 0-127? Thanks!

  • The only value ranges you can send in Remote Mode are 0 - 127

    Saying that though, I have discovered one knob (semitone) in the default.vrt with a range of 0 - 9 but I have no idea how that has been implemented.