• If the light on the back of my Ti can do it, why can't the arpeggiator do it ???, G'dammit!

    Most VST arpeggiators lock to the beginning of the measure (bar, downbeat, whenever the DAW midi start signal is sent.)

    For example, in Ableton Live, I press PLAY, and the light on the back of the Virus flashes in perfect sync with the downbeat. NICE!!! :P

    It would be nice, oh so nice, (IT SHOULD BE STANDARD guys) to have the ARPEGGIATOR START TIME LOCK WITH THE DOWNBEAT.

    In other words, if I was playing live, and I play a note slightly ahead of the beat, the Virus SHOULD CORRECT THIS and play the first note of the arp sequence right on the downbeat.

    To get even more complex, let's say you play the first note just after the beat, by mistake, Virus arp could "Catch up" to the second note in the sequence and play it in perfect sync with the downbeats.
    My Korg Triton has a smart arpeggiator that does just this.

    Can we do this simple thing? 8)

  • Any chance to reintroduce this feature? Pleeeeeeeease :) Make it saved per patch and bury it deep inside some obscure menu, so the complaining users won't find it :D Pretty please :)

  • Really, this is some important shit! The ARP SHOULD SYNC TO THE BEAT. AUTOMATICALLY.

    So we need the OPTION of BEAT SYNC. (Or BEAT QUANTIZE)

    with a +/- MicroSecond CALIBRATION, so that the midi transmission vs. audio latencies are all corrected.

    My light on the back of my TI is right on the mark. CUMON! :thumbsup: