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    All working fine now on WIN10, The Aira drivers work, and the Juno Stage works if yo go into system on the Juno, select "Driver settings", and select "USB Driver", "Generic" instead of "Vender" then Windows detects it without any Roland Drivers. The editor worksfine... hope that helps someone.

    I decided to install Windows 10 too... Virus TI2 worked fine, the Virus editor works fine too. However!.. Some of my other gear doesnt!.. Roland Juno Stage, Roland TR-8, drivers are not compatible, and a statement on Rolands website states they are not compatible with Win 10.

    I Reverted back to Windows 7 untill the drivers for all my gear are available. The recovery back to Win 7 was pain free, quick and i didnt need to install anything so its worth a try if your in any doubts.

    Virus works fine though, for the limited time i had Win 10 at least.

    Also.. Bear in mind that If yo do install Win 10, your back up of your old system (Windows.old) WILL BE DELETED after 1 Month of install. ;)

    It shouldn't make any difference what type of files are in there, VC only uses those files when you access them from within VC. Although, midi files & sysex data are all that VC needs. Just move the files you think are causing slow start up and add one by one untill you find the problematic files.

    Odd... iv'e never had pitch bend messages, though that is easily done by knocking the sensitive mod wheel, but the last note you played was in fact the ghost note too, theres a common factor for strarters. Did you have any USB or Midi cables connected? or was the Virus standalone nothing connected?


    Do you get these ghost notes when your Virus is stand alone, no midi leads or USB cable connected? because i certainly dont. It seems to be when a USB connection is made and VC is open.Its never really been a problem for me, but i can imagine it is a substantial problem for users like yourself who use the Virus live, and need that security it is going to remain silent when unused, I agree, it should be sorted out. If we can replicate the fault and prove to access there is a problem, im sure they could fix it. No one seems that bothered though... :S

    Resurrecting this old thread, I have finally tracked down the source of "ghost notes" in my setup to my Virus Ti 2 Keyboard.

    How bizzare! I was reading this thread this morning and I too had another ghost note about 3 hours later lol.. I left my virus on after a session, went down to the kitchen then BAM!! A patch from the Virus decides to shake the floor! Lol. Just one note!.. pressing panic stopped it but why does it happen? My virus had the usb connected and VC running in Reaper. This is the only time it has happened in about 3 months. I never unplug USB so it could be receiving a spurious note on message from somewhere on my PC via Reaper...I never happens often enough to diagnose it. But seems like a full on 127 velocity message. Spooky! ?( Also running latest Virus OS. On win7 64bit.


    I thought i would leave my virus on and also run MIDIOX (Midi monitor/sysex tool) in the background, i happened to get a ghost note, and it WAS definately the Virus TI2 keyboard sending a random E flat (2) single note all of its own will. Now, i beleive this was the last note i played before leaving it alone. playing the same note once, sent another on command then a note off command as it should, and switched the sound off.

    So, i think i agree that the virus is definately sending midi note on/off data randomly if left on all day, and left alone for around 1.5 hours (varies) MIDIOX proves the data is being sent from the Virus.

    Someone else please try this. see if you get the same results.

    My DAW (Reaper) is open, VC is running (nothing else, zero tracks loaded), A sound is selected in the Browser window, Live is selected in VC, virus connected via USB, Win 7 64bit, (own Belkin dedicated USB card)

    Run midiox too to prove the data is coming from the Virus midi ports....Sit back and wait for a ghost note... (you may need to wait an hour or two...) and dont play the virus.

    Hopefully we can crack this thing.

    Good luck. :thumbup:

    Some people have been asking whats changed in TIOS 5.0.8... the change logs are included in addendum in your access documents folder everytime a new release is made. This is whats changed.

    About TIOS 5.0.8!

    Resolved issues, refinements and new features:! !
    • IN: (OSX only) Support for Mavericks 10.9!
    • VC: Under certain circumstances some DAW related key commands stop working!
    • IN: Apple Logic Pro X Setup added!
    • SE: Under certain circumstances a slight modulation of the higher frequencies was
    audible when using Total Integration.! !
    Known issues:! !
    • Side chaining into audio instruments is currently not supported in Steinberg Cubase. This
    issue needs to be addressed by Steinberg.!
    • AAX Avid Pro Tools 11 plug-in format not supported!

    Hope that helps.

    I think the entire OS series covers all the Virus range, be it Ti or TI2 and simpy resetting to factory defaults should get your sounds back, but just back up your Virus soundbanks before attempting it. I have never needed to install more banks and previous updates have never wiped my existing data.

    Have you looked on page 5 of the downloads section here>>>…for_the_virus_ti.html</a>

    There are some older TI patches there. Failing that, email Access and they will send you them.

    Hope that helps a bit.?

    The patches don't seem to be in the download section, so you could try installing the previous OS and copy/save/export the patches to your computer, then re-install latest OS and copy the patches across?.. a workaround if you can't find them.

    Nice to hear some "positive" feedback for a change, most people only ever complain when their Virus doesnt work. And that is usually because it is not set up right and their PC/Mac is not configured correctly, or their system is screwed, usually nothing to do with the Virus. They seldom comment when it does work! 8) I never had issues with mine either... oh and welcome aboard, hope you enjoy your new power tool!