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    I tried Studio One, but wasnt impressed. I Use Cockos REAPER its a free (pay after uncrippling trial) DAW and is the best DAW i have ever used, i paid for the licence, but they rely on your "goodwill & honesty" to pay, but it is worth twice the asking price IMHO.
    Anyway, there is a template for using the Virus as a instrument within Reaper, and it works for me without issues, but it depends what you want to do really. Reaper is not a supported DAW by Access, but it doesnt mean it wont work. I use the physical analog outs of the virus and use the USB part for midi/VC control, so its not an issue. I dont have any timing issues when recording, but if you use USB audio (via virus soundcard) you may or may not run into timing problems, but this can be overcome in Reapers audio latency compensation, in prefs, (im no expert, but if you search these forums for Reaper you will find it, along with a template someone kindly uploaded to use in Reaper)

    Thats my 10p worth, give it a go, you have absolutely nothing to lose, but plenty to gain!... good luck :thumbup:

    Naughty people selling you a used Virus as new!.. tut tut... If you contact Access support they should be able to sort you out by re-registering in your name.
    The person/store you bought it from probably registered it so it could have its OS updated. Sounds like a Ex-demo model?..
    Anyway, welcome to Virus land! enjoy your stay, any questions ask away, there is a great bunch of people here. also try an unofficial forum.

    Once registered, or re registered, there is loads of new sound banks for download... enjoy! :thumbup:

    Hmm odd.. i know the virus is susceptible to odd midi controller behaviour, as in the past with "ghost notes" and odd note on messages i have witnessed, along with others. So it could be something to do with the way the Virus is filtering the midi data from Cubase. As you say, if you port the midi to another plugin synth, and all is fine, then it has to be the way either Virus is filtering, or the type of controllers/data cubase is sending out. Your plugins may not have the same type of note length midi issues that Virus has, hence they dont show up?? thats one thought. Maybe you could try and analyze the data using Midi OX and see whats happening when the fault occurs? and trace it from there...

    Good Luck..

    Sounds to me like a problem in Cubase.. have you set the note length accidentally in the sequence track in cubase? or something is quantizing the note length. I dont use cubase, but it is a feature most DAWs have. try another DAW to test it and prove if its Virus or DAW.. Also the Virus has a note length adjustment in its Arp section (if that is what you are sequencing?)


    I would use it live on a properly configured Mac/PC but most people do not have their computers set up correctly, and blame Access for being the culprit of their USB issues, which to be fair some of it is down to Virus USB limitations in bandwith because it is USB 1.1. But on a properly configured computer this issue can be overcome and made reliable.Remember the Virus is a lot older than your latest fancy PC/iMacs etc...with USB 3 and fast processors, lots of RAM, but if you set it up as Access recommends you should be fine for live use. I have never used mine live, but i would not use the built in USB soundcard, use an external one and physical analogue outs on virus, thus freeing up the USB for Midi only and not Midi & Audio which causes the bottle necks most people experience.

    Im sure there will be lots of comments about disasterous events though.. as well as some positive outcomes 8)

    Hi, Have you tried adjusting the display contrast?.. is the Virus at room temperature? if so, Your display needs replacing. It is faulty... :( probably caused by pushing on the display physicaly, or the contact pads that run along the edges of the LCD display are contaminated. You could remove the display and dismantle carefully and clean the rubber strips but the displays arent that expensive anyway.i suspect the Virus uses a bog standard display as it contains just pixels and no graphic symbols. HTH..

    Yes it will be the same data, but how it is routed through the Virus hardware is another thing. I dont use the Virus control that much so im not really the best person to comment on routing midi through that. But i think the Arp/sequencer part is an integral part of the virus hardware, so you need to get it out of there, and the only way i can see is like i say via the physical midi outs, but if you send midi data back from the USB port to your DAW that should work in theory too, i have never tried. But there is a setting in the arp menu that enables midi from the Arp, and if this includes both midi/usb ports, i can't say. I will try this tonight... im intrigued myself. :S



    I tried this tonight, it is easy to do in Reaper DAW, (i dont know about other daw's) just ensure config, Midi 2/3 Arp note send is turned on, select Virus synth as midi track in your DAW, play any Arp part on virus, recording the output (either thru USB or physical outputs), then assign the midi out of that track (I/O select on Reaper and select Virus Synth) to any soft synth/vsti. I used an Arp pattern to trigger a Korg legacy Polysix, and it sounded great and works perfect.

    Hope that helps :thumbup:

    Maybe phasers are not that popular anymore?

    I use phasers all the time, but the excellent ones in the Virus FX section. No point making your own... i prefer to devote the time to making music 8) Jean Michel jarre has lots of juicy phased solina strings which the Virus FX cover very nicely indeed... But having said that programming is still a positive way to improve your knowledge of the Virus structure.
    Good luck! :thumbup:

    Cool thanks guys!

    Ben is probably really busy... Otherwise we can try to collect some knowledge by sharing simple patches ;). Or just finding some in the existing banks that use interesting tricks!
    How can we collect these tips and tricks with patches in a efficient way?

    "Drop Box" is a good file sharing option. And you could link to your files directly from this forum.? :thumbup:

    It really does not matter how you power up or power down your virus. I have all my studio power up on 2 switches, all permanently switched on at the instruments end. This saves wearing out Power switches on the virus, and preventing future problems with electrical arcing across its contacts. All i would say though is put a surge protected mains block on your equipment which will suck up any current surge on initial power up, although most switched mode power supplies incorporate this anyway.

    I also never put my Virus into sleep mode, before switching off, never had any issues whatsoever. The only time i do that is if i'm not using it.

    My PC is shut down before my Virus is switched off, but the only thing thats doing is disconnecting the USB bus.. not a worry..

    So dont worry, there is no right or wrong way. This topic was raised a few months back i recall, but can't find the link. I remember commenting then...

    HTH 8)

    Glad its kinda working for you XA... Iwe all know how frustrating it can be getting a DAW to work in harmony with the virus. I think 99% of us have been there :whistling: ASIO4ALL is a godsend for a lot of users, its saved me on a couple of occasions when Soundcard manufacturers refuse to update drivers, god dam em! :cursing: I think the main reason no one replied is, they don't use pro tools, so you could have a thousand guesses and still be no wiser to the cure... any way glad your back having fun as you should be, not solving IT issues, it P****s me off too.

    Happy days 8)

    I use Cockos Reaper DAW with my Virus TI2 keyboard, with no issues. I don't use Virus USB as a soundcard though. I use the analogue outs. Reaper is free to use for 30 days without any restrictions, and keeps working after trial period with only a nag screen. The licence is really cheap though if you decide to buy.. I also use loads of roland gear, Juno Stage, Korg Triton, and all play great with Reaper. My soundcard is a Roland (Edirol) UA-1000 10 X 10 interface, also works seamless with Reaper.

    On another note, i used Sonar once thinking it would work great with my sound card, but it never even recognised it!.. uninstalled and never used again.

    There is a great support forum for Reaper, and it doesnt get bogged down with loads of VSTs you dont need, download is 7Mb and it is updated almost every month with new features etc.. It is a great concept for a DAW as the programmers have a business model that does not restrict the user with copy protection, dongles, etc, they trust you to try & buy...i certainly did, there is nothing that Reaper cant do, it is very comprehensive in its features, efficient coding, and run by a great company, and NO i do not work for Runs on Windoze or Mac too... 32 or 64 bit.

    I fancied an integra 7 and getting rid of all my other keyboards (except my Virus of course), slim down my

    Try it here ....>> and join the revolution baby! :thumbup:

    Piano sounds are quite complex sounds when you break them down. Hit one note on a piano, what do you hear?.. 2 or 3 strings sounding at once in slight detune to each other, then there's the resonance of each of those strings, and then the timbre of those strings, also, how hard the hammer hits the string, the decay of each string, and that's just for starters, you could go into harmonics of each string versus the wooden cabinet and harmonics that imposes on the sound as well... the list is endless.. however, if you synthesized each string and did a multi-layer of the piano you are designing, and thought about it and programmed each note individually and added detune, hammer action, decay etc, per string, you may get somewhere near, but then you would probably run out of polyphony/voices on your Virus, so... use your Virus for Synthy things and use Romplers/sample based instruments for piano's, each has their place in music, and one instrument doe's better than the other.. A Virus cannot do everything or every instrument. IMHO good luck :thumbup: