Are Virus Powercore users allowed access to the private forums?

  • As above

    There was no option to choose when signing up, is this hardware only support?

    p.s. There are still small issues with the virus poco, namely the mod matrix routing has screwed up since the new 2.04 update (there's a topic over at TC forum about it).

  • Yeah, add the Virus Powercore!

    I have it in my studio alongside my Virus C, it would be good to see some support from Access considering its your synth.

    it is our synth but the distributor is responsible for tech support (and that, in difference to the hardware synths, is TC and not us). if you write into our tech support, you will get an answer of course but as for a forum dedicated to the virus powercore, we will pass. the TC forum is great and there is currently no need to make users have to browse two forums.

    best, marc

  • And like Marc said TC support is exellent! I am even a beta tester for 64bit software on TC powercore in combination with the newest update from Acces virus powercore (multi).

    DAW: Cubase 5
    OS: Windows 7

    MB: Asus Rampage Extreme
    RAM: 4x 2GB DDR3 @ 1600MHz
    CPU: Intel core 2 quad @ 3.0 GHz
    GPU: ATI EAH 4890 1GB
    Sound: t.c. eletronic Konnekt 8
    Monitoring: 2x KRK rp6 g2 + 1x KRK rp10s
    DSP: UAD, t.c. eletronic Powercore 6000 including virus powercore
    USB: Virus Ti Polar
    FW: Korg m3

  • No. Since powercore is dead in the water there will be no more support from TC or access on the powercore system.

    access email support is happy to handle any question in regards of functionality or the sound engine. we cannot work on bugs, features or anything update related since PowerCore as a platform does not exist anymore. As for powercore users and the private forum - we don't host a forum for the PowerCore because we cannot support for instance platform related issues. TC had a Virus for PowerCore related forum but i don't know if it still exists. if you want to discuss stuff, please do it on the public side of the forum, preferable in here.
    best, marc