Not Impressed

  • I am distinctly unimpressed with the Virus TI plugin running on my Mac (AU and RTAS), and in general with the USB operation of this rather expensive piece of junk.

    For me:

    (1) The plugin does "syncing patches" EVERY TIME I INSERT IT.

    (2) 95% of the time, this fails, so I can't use any RAM patches, which all appear in the browser as "!NOTSYNCED"

    (3) The USB audio does not work. It comes through sounding like someone put it through a RAT.

    (OK, I take it back. The audio did work once.)


    The fix for #1 that I found on this forum was to reinstall the OS. I've done this twice now. The first time changed the problem to #2. The second time changed it back to #1.

    The Virus is on its own dedicated USB port on my Mac Pro. I've ordered a USB PCIe card to see if that makes any difference. My hopes are not high.

    Also: If you plug in a USB cable, the analog outputs go away. Even if you're not running the plugin on the computer. And I can find no way, from the synth panel, to turn them back on again, without actually running the plugin on the computer and hitting the "D" button on Part 1.

    You can't even just use the USB to run the synth as MIDI. If you don't want to run the plugin, then you can't use the USB port at all. Get a MIDI interface and some MIDI cables.

    F'ing ridiculous. I paid $2500 for this?


  • Shame.

    I'm back to problems where the arp won't keep time. Incredibly frustrating so one last try with the support team before I have to admit that it just isn't worth the trouble trying to use VC.