Virus control errors in the sound

  • Hi all!

    I've sadly discovered that there is a big difference if i bounce with Virus control or without it.....some patches sound much better without. Here is a short example with an organ patch (LordOrg) bounced with VC through analog outputs (usb is only sending midi, not audio), and without the VC
    virus org vc
    virus org no vc

    In the vc version there are many crackles. Have you the same issue?

  • I don't know if you do or not but don't normalise when you bounce then what you hear when you play should be what you hear when you bounce, unless you are clipping when playing.

  • I have used analog outputs for recording in both examples, on a clean stereo audio track at 0 db and the volume knob on virus was exactly the same. I've noticed this issue also on 2 pad patches...the ones with virus control get crackles sometimes. Bad news....without virus control is very hard (or impossible) to write automations ;(

  • I'm not sure that we're talking about the same thing here.

    Are you recording these audio clips into Cubase? I'm not familiar with Cubase at all but I'd hope there will be some sort of pre fader metering function for recording which will allow you to see how hot your signals are regardless of the level the fader is set at, it's this level that you need to check.

    If your signal is reaching 0db when recording then that's not good & that is right at the point of clipping. You need to leave yourself some headroom, try setting your recording levels so they peak at about -3.0db.

  • i was saying that i ve recorded on the same audio track with the fader level at 0...but yes of course there was at least 4 db of headroom, don't worry :D
    No the problem is virus control i think...anyway there is an easy way if someone would like to chek this....just load LordOrg patch (you can found it with a search on virus control) and just make a bounce of a 3-notes chord with virus control and wituot it. That would be very helpful for me, to understand if is a my problem or a general virus control problem^^

  • Ok, I've tried this for you testing both VC through analog outs & standalone synth with analog outs.

    I used the same MIDI region for both runs & apart from having to turn the input gain down when using the standalone to match the signal level of the VC there is no real difference between the audio regions created.

    The only clicking is at the start of the notes, but that is normal for this kind of patch to get rid of that turn the Amp Env attack up a little.

    If you would like to hear the audio regions PM me your email address & I'll send them over as an attachment, they are 3.5MB each.

  • Quote

    if you switch a part to the analog outs in virus control and the artifacts disappear it's likely you're dealing with some sort of transmission problem here

    I did the first mixdown with virus control switched to analog is not a problem of usb audio trasmission. The artifacts disappear only if i don't use virus control

  • Interesting post, I have always wondered if there are any differences in sound quality when comparing the USB out and the Analogue out settings!