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    Ok I believe I have figured it out....

    It was the UNISON LFO PHASE OFFSET whilst UNISON DETUNE was activated for the patch which seemed to be causing the effect!

    Doh!! :P

    Hey Guys and Girls!

    Has anyone noticed any issues using LFO2 and 3 in regards to some sort of weird panning effect?? I'm using OS.5.

    I have tried modulating Filter 1 and 2 Cutoff and also the OSC Shape using LFO 2 (All in the LFO2 panel originally) and it seems to pan the said effect left and right. I then also tried this out by routing the modulation through the mod matrix and still had the same issue!! It sounds as though its just the effect being modulated that is panning left and right, not the entire sound... if you get what I mean??

    Is it just me or am I being stupid?? I have never had this issue before!!

    Anyway, it would be helpful if one or two of you could try using the LFO's to modulate some simple settings such as filter cutoff to see whether anybody else is having the same panning effect issue!!

    Thanks :)

    [quote='goldenanalog',index.php?page=Thread&postID=16808#post16808]Are you 100% sure that it's the Virus TI itself that's unstable?

    Or, to put it another way: Could it be that your computer, computer configuration, software, etc. (a computer-related issue) is causing your TI to crash?

    i think is Virus TI because i also have a Motif XS6 and a Korg M3. Motif and Korg both units are working perfectly....

    Its more than likely the computer, just because your XS6 and M3 are working fine, that doesn't mean all other synths will. They are all made of different components and have different requirements for working smoothly.

    There is a guide in the new OS update on how to get your Virus working well with your DAW, read it and see what it says :)

    Live as in Ableton Live?

    I found Ableton was the worst Syncing program when i used it, this was about 2 years ago though so it may be completely different now...

    So far i think Cubase is the best working DAW with the Virus, i was a heavy Cubase 4 user until i switched to a Macbook Pro and Logic Pro 9

    I tend to overlook the syncing issues though, i can easily unplug and plug the virus back in within 5 seconds of it messing up sync wise! but it would be nice for timing issues to be banished :P

    Its still the best piece of kit i've ever bought :)

    I recently updated, I think I'm on a 4.1.5 update (cant remember the number at the moment because i'm away from my virus)

    But yes, i noticed in the mod matrix menu's that I now have Unipolar and Bipolar options.

    Try seeing if your on the latest update


    Great post!

    would also like some arrangement sync'd LFO options, so that you can trigger an LFO from a certain bar or beat, it would provide so much more control with sound design!

    Hey Fellow Virus users!

    I'm launching my own record label called Unite In Trance Records, the name says it all really.

    We will be releasing Progressive, Tech, Uplifting, Euphoric, Vocal and harder forms of Trance and Tech Dance.

    Anyway, if you are interested in sending demos, please get in touch with me. I will be interested to see if there are any trance producers on the forum looking for a release!

    SJR :)

    Hey Sunil,

    I have a TI Keyboard and a TI2 Desktop installed on both my windows xp laptop and my Macbook Pro. They will work perfectly :)

    Installation on the Windows XP was a hassle though and took multiple attempts!!!

    Have Fun!!


    I physically went in to my Patches Folder in the Access Music Folder and Create new empty folder and give it a name e.g. "SJR's Trance Leads" it appears in the Personal Patch Banks section, i'm away from my Virus so if this is a bit vague, let me know and ill update when i get back to my virus!

    SJR :)

    Hey, Maybe I can help,

    (Quick Intro) I am a Trance/Tech Trance Artist, Chances are you probably haven't heard of me because I only have a few releases out on the market, I'm most well known for my remix "Avenger - First Sight (SJR's Driving Tech Remix)" and my music has been supported by Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Simon Patterson and more..... Anyway, enough shameless plugging :P

    The first thing i do for all my leads (and rolling basslines commonly used in psytrance) is set up the filter envelope and filter settings and get it to how i want it to sound like, but i THEN go into the Mod Matrix and set the [SOURCE as: Velocity On - DESTINATION as: Filter1 Cutoff - AMOUNT as: +5-10 (this is down to you though and all depends on the sound, for some sounds you may want to go into the minus numbers)] This is a great way to add slight amounts of movement to your sound if you make use of the Velocity parameter when programming in midi notes or recording a lead in live.

    The Velocity On in the modmatrix is possibly my most used source of modulation and i apply it to many different parameters such as OSC Waveform Index, Comb Filter Frequency, OSC Pitch etc etc I'm sure you get the picture!

    Anyway, try that out and see how that sounds for starters, and just experiment with the modmatrix, it will teach you so much about sound design, i still have lots to learn!! :)

    Also if i want to get in and get my hands dirty, i will zoom in and draw in my automation in the automation lanes instead of trying to record it in live.

    SJR :)

    Hey man,

    If you are using the Virus Ti software and your accessing your created patches through this, all your patches should be stored on your computer in one of the "Access Music" folders, search for them before you go and get rid of your Ti, I would have to be responsible for you losing all your patches, but they should all be stored on your computer like i said.

    Anyways, the Virus Ti Manual should tell you how to transfer all your patches in other ways if need be :)

    And I agree with you, my Virus Ti Keyboard is the best thing I have ever bought, I think this so much that I sold my motorbike to buy a Ti2 Desktop as well, so the question you could ask is....."whats better than a Virus Ti?.........2 Virus Ti's!!!" :P :) I only bought 2 because I have one in my studio in England and a Ti2 Desktop with me in Scotland, I refuse to produce with any other synth!!


    its good that both of you pointed this out, it took me a while to figure out what the Phase Init knob did, I was still learning synthesis when I got my first virus in 2007 (still have lots to learn in fact)

    The main reason it took time for me to figure it out was simply because I overlooked it, purely because I didn't understand it and was too young (17) and naive to read it lol!!

    always wondered why I kept hearing clicks and pops at the beginning of my fast attack (trance) sounds such as my TB style midi sequenced patterns!!!!

    and yes I still wondered what use it was by setting the Phase Init knob at 62 for example, I still never read into the phase init knob in the manual, because I just figured it out the basic function of the knob myself and left it at that :P