LFO 2 Panning Issue

  • Hey Guys and Girls!

    Has anyone noticed any issues using LFO2 and 3 in regards to some sort of weird panning effect?? I'm using OS.5.

    I have tried modulating Filter 1 and 2 Cutoff and also the OSC Shape using LFO 2 (All in the LFO2 panel originally) and it seems to pan the said effect left and right. I then also tried this out by routing the modulation through the mod matrix and still had the same issue!! It sounds as though its just the effect being modulated that is panning left and right, not the entire sound... if you get what I mean??

    Is it just me or am I being stupid?? I have never had this issue before!!

    Anyway, it would be helpful if one or two of you could try using the LFO's to modulate some simple settings such as filter cutoff to see whether anybody else is having the same panning effect issue!!

    Thanks :)

  • Ok I believe I have figured it out....

    It was the UNISON LFO PHASE OFFSET whilst UNISON DETUNE was activated for the patch which seemed to be causing the effect!

    Doh!! :P